"The Caulk Dispenser": Is Far Easier to Use Than a Gun

The Caulk Dispenser is a specially designed caulking tool that distributes caulk by pressing the collapsible caulk tube in a bottom to top direction. The design intent is to provide do-it-yourselfers and professional laborers who use these tubes of caulk, adhesives, and more, with an easier, more efficient means of dispensing and applying the product with little or no product waste, and without straining the hands.

This hand-held tool is made of durable metal and measures approximately 5½”L with a slotted niche 2½”W that boasts a rolling slider assembly into which a tube of caulking is placed. Extending downward to the proximal end of the handle, the unit tapers from a width of 1 and1/8” to ¾” and is operated via a trigger. By activating the Caulk Dispenser, the unit's roller presses the bottom of the container pushing the substance so that an optimal amount of product expediently exits the opening. The Caulk Dispenser empties from bottom to top ensuring that all the substance is distributed from the container. In this manner, the user can apply a substance to any area in a mess and strain-free manner. After use, the container can be removed from the Caulk Dispenser and stored for future jobs. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Caulk Dispenser. 
The Caulk Dispenser is Patent Pending and was invented by Jose Olavarria of Reading, PA who said, “No more tossing out a partially used tube of caulk. Less air is left in the tubes when using The Caulk Dispenser; thus, the contents are preserved and remain fresh and moist lasting longer between jobs. It works perfectly.”

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