The Campaign to Re-Elect Sheriff Villanueva Launches Campaign Video Highlighting Key Issues Affecting Los Angeles

Rise in Homelessness, (Opioids) Drugs and Crime Take Center Stage in Villanueva's Mission To Restore the California Dream

Re-Elect Sheriff Villanueva

The campaign to re-elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva today released an official campaign video "Bring Back the California Dream" which can be viewed in both English and Spanish and will be televised on major networks over the coming weeks. 

The video takes aim at three main issues that have put public safety in jeopardy- homelessness, dangerous opioid drug addiction and crime. By juxtaposing the best parts of California living against the harsh realities facing our city, the campaign video asks citizens to support Villanueva's mission to restore Los Angeles to the California Dream. 

"Los Angeles is one of the greatest cities in the world and has long been thought of for its clean, safe environment, beautiful weather, bustling industries, and as a sought after living and travel destination. The state of the city is in crisis, and the political establishment refuses to address crime and out of control homelessness," said Sheriff Alex Villanueva. "We must make our county a safe, clean place and restore public space to all while getting the homeless the help they desperately need." 

Sheriff Villanueva's plan to restore the country includes: providing Safe RV parking and safe campgrounds with wrap around services, calling in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to quickly house those on the street, greatly expand the Homeless Services Outreach Team (HOST) to partner with local service providers to fill all available beds in the entire LA County, dismantle homeless industrial complex and fully fund proven and effective drug rehabilitation and mental health treatment, and regulate public space. 

"For too long, powerful politicians in Los Angeles have looked out for themselves and left the rest of us behind. The political establishment has squandered billions of dollars designed for those needing shelter. After voters approved measure HHH to build housing for the homeless, the political establishment has allowed builders to charge up to an absurd $800,000 per unit," said Sheriff Villanueva. "Meanwhile, the county politicians have contracted out billions in government contractors to their political allies. The top ten CEOs of those service providers earn over $600,000 a year just in salary, while we are left to deal with a mental health and drug addiction crisis in our communities. This Homeless Services Industry must be dismantled. It has only served to enrich a handful of well connected private CEOs and managers while failing those truly in need."

In addition to the newly released video and campaign initiatives, Villanueva's campaign adds to its already extensive list of current and former mayors, councilmembers, school board members, and civic and religious groups who have endorsed Sheriff Villanueva. 

The campaign proudly announces new endorsements including: Retired District Attorney Steve Cooley; Reverend Steve Davoren, Pastor of St. Mel Catholic Church; David Argudo, La Puente Councilmember; Jonathan Hawes, Former Elected City Clerk of El Monte;  Sal Alatorre, former Lynwood Mayor; Roy Francis, former La Habra Heights Mayor; and Jaime Lopez, Whittier Union High School District Board Member.

The campaign video was Written/Directed by Phil Donlon, with cinematography by Gabriel Mann and produced by Sage Seb.

For campaign information, visit and follow @Alex4Sheriff on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

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Source: Sheriff Alex Villanueva

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