The Campaign to Re-Elect Sheriff Villanueva Announces $1.8M in Fundraising to Date

Villanueva Lays Out Plan for Second Term With Focus on Crime and Homelessness

Sheriff Villanueva

The campaign to re-elect Sheriff Alex Villanueva today announced it has reached over $1.8 million in fundraising, outraising the next-highest candidate by six times. 

"The fundraising for this campaign clearly shows that I have the continued support of the citizens of this county. Since taking office, I have delivered on every campaign promise of my first term. I've removed ICE from the jails; I've raised the standard for hiring deputies and hire directly from our communities; I've created diversity in the department and ended the age-old boys club; and I've put body-worn cameras on 100% of patrol deputies, providing full transparency to the community. I intend to continue my mission to make Los Angeles a safe and economically desirable place to live again. Just as I have done, I will keep my campaign promises to the members of this county in my second term," said Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

While fundraising for Los Angeles mayoral candidates has been widely reported, the funding numbers for the Sheriff's campaign have been overlooked in the media. To date, the fundraising numbers that have been filed by each candidate are as follows:  (Source:

Sheriff's Race 01/01/22 - 04/23/22 Fundraising Numbers
Candidate Raised Last Period Expenditures Last Period Total Raised Total in the Bank
Alex Villanueva $490,375.16 $1,060,316.83 $1.8 Million $394,975.33
Cecil Rhambo $78,804.00 $114,122.99 $291,797.63 $37,650.11
Eli Vera $72,044.95 $112,954.57 $217,139.72 $58,779.71
Eric Strong $24,105.00 $46,742. 61 $125,006.54 $16,219.75
Robert Luna $181,021.59 $240,868.17 $260,041.59 $41,265.67
Matt Rodriguez $62,488.88 $75,047.38 $147,546.88 $2,447.36
Britta Steinbrenner 0 0 $27,303.00 $14,653.01

In his second term, Villanueva promises to focus on homelessness and crime, which have overrun the city during the pandemic, and civil unrest. His plan includes measures to:

  • Reduce crime, especially violent crime. It is time to end the social experiment of defunding the police, end the hiring freeze, and begin to get more cops and detectives on the street. If the board won't do it, Sheriff Villanueva will launch a campaign for a ballot measure and let the public decide.
  • Expand the internationally recognized Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST). Help the unhoused get the assistance they need while regulating public space.
  • Dismantle the Homeless Industrial Complex and use those valuable resources to fund proven methods to treat drug addiction and mental health. If the board won't do it, Sheriff Villanueva will launch a campaign for a ballot measure and let the public decide.
  • Build a regional coalition led by local communities to improve LA County's regional ability to treat mental health. This means re-opening the mental health facilities Sacramento politicians shut down over the last 25 years.
  • Build a regional collaborative, multi-agency task force to address political corruption in Southern California.

For campaign information, visit and follow @Alex4Sheriff on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 


Source: Campaign to Re-Elect Sheriff Villanueva