"The BungeeXtreme": Securely Fastens Any Tied-Down Item With a Bungee Cord

Securing items properly has several options but one of the most often used is the elasticized tie-downs (called a bungee cord) to anchor items onto a vehicle or elsewhere. The BungeeXtreme is an improved design for the popular rubber or elastic tie-downs known as bungee cords. The BungeeXtreme has, in addition to the two standard hooks at opposite ends of the bungee cord, a series of loops along the length of the cord which serve as anchors to which either hook could be attached to secure a tighter fit around cargo.

BungeeXtreme equips bungee cords – both rubber-strap and elastic/fabric – with a regular series of ladder-like cross-loops running the length of the strap or cord. For rubber-strap bungees, these cross-loops might be metal; for elastic/fabric flat-strap and round-cord bungees, the cross-loop anchors might be triple-stitched nylon webbing or Cordura, or injection-molded nylon or plastic. In each case, the series of cross-loops along the bungee provides a series of anchoring points so the bungee can be tightened around a bundle, doubled back on itself, and hooked to itself under adequate tension. The BungeeXtreme design can also be marketed directly to the producers of existing rubber and elastic/fabric bungees, who could then incorporate this improved design into the production of their bungee cords. In either case, the BungeeXtreme design constitutes a clear and definite improvement in the capability and performance of bungees, making a bungee cord of any length both more effective and more versatile. TV test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in BungeeXtreme.
The BungeeXtreme is Patent Pending and was invented by Keith Douglas of North Brunswick, NJ who said, “This is far above the traditional bungee cord because it provides anchors in the middle for a tighter and more convenient fit. It provides a tighter grip on anything being secured and prevents that item from working itself loose. It works perfectly.”

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