"The BSI-Blind Side Indicator": Warning Driver When It is Not Safe to Change Lanes

Backing off a lane move due to an approaching vehicle can prevent an accident and/or potential road rage. A way to manage this is to utilize the BSI; even if a driver doesn’t see the oncoming vehicle, the alert indicates it is there and to wait before moving into that lane. The BSI-Blind Side Indicator is a safety system for motor vehicles designed to “see” or detect a vehicle in one's “blind spot.” The BSI-Blind Side Indicator responds to the presence of a vehicle by issuing an audio-visual alert in the equipped vehicle, notifying the driver that a vehicle – although invisible to him or her – is in fact in the “blind spot,” thus enabling the driver to avoid an accident.

The electronic components of the BSI-Blind Side Indicator are installed in the driver's door and side mirror. For sensing the vehicle in the blind spot, it relies upon a sensory mechanism which itself relies upon either infrared light or specific-frequency radio waves. Either form of electromagnetic radiation would be emitted into the blind-spot area by a transmitter concealed within the car door or affixed to the bottom of the side-view mirror; this radiation then reflects toward the equipped vehicle and is received by a receiver either concealed in the driver's side mirror or concealed within the door. On receiving the reflected infrared or radio waves, the BSI-Blind Side Indicator system responds immediately with a flashing yellow alarm-light and a loud warning tone mounted within the equipped vehicle. This audio-visual warning alerts the driver of the other vehicle's presence or approach – advising the driver to be aware and remain in his/her lane until the other lane is clear. The BSI-Blind Side Indicator is powered by the vehicle's existing electrical harness. The system is universal for use with almost any vehicle, including tractor-trailers. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the BSI-Blind Side Indicator. 
The BSI-Blind Side Indicator is Patent Pending and was invented by Allbridge Rogers and Hoston Rogers of Hanover, Pennsylvania who said, “This device provides a safety option often only on hi-end vehicles. Blind spots are responsible for numerous accidents and even sometimes road rage. It is a prompt to a driver to remain in his or her own lane until the other lane is clear. It is a safety feature every vehicle needs.”

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