"The Bro-Package": Presents an Explosion of Fun Accessories for Men

​Trying to find the right or proper gift for a male, whether family member or friend, can be difficult. This is made simpler and easier with this new product. The Bro-Package is a specially designed gift set, artfully rendered in the form of a bow-tie fastened bouquet that consists of a variety of male-centric accessories. Including deodorant, shaving cream, a pocket knife, a corkscrew, a lighter, and a stack of fake cash, just to name a few examples of the twelve items in the bouquet. The design intent is to provide a unique, thoughtful, and humorous way to show appreciation to the men in one's life.

Just like giving a female a bouquet of flowers, the Bro Package is a special gift for a beloved male. It features an eye-catching “bouquet” shape rendered as a foil-based paper adorned with a dapper bow available in a variety of masculine hues such as blue, green, brown, and black. Another option offers the bouquet in plastic for added stability with decorative foil lining the bouquet. The receptacle is sufficient to “arrange” the selection of accessories so that they are bursting from the bouquet like a dozen roses. Fittingly, the Bro-Package consists of twelve items that are well known as favorites to men. The first three are miniature sizes of shaving cream, deodorant/antiperspirant, and a pocket knife. The remaining full-size items offer a collection of both the novel and the practical: a stack of fake money; a stress ball; a comb; a razor; a bottle opener; a lighter (or matches); a drink coaster; nail clippers; and a corkscrew. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Bro-Package. 
The Bro-Package is Patent Pending and was invented by Daniel Guiterrez and Patricia Ramirez of Panorama, CA who said, “Searching for the right gift for a man can be a demanding task and often leaves the shopper feeling incompetent or uncomfortable about the choice. However, everyone knows that if something looks good, it usually is good and, that is precisely what happens with the appealing Bro-Package.  It works.”

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