"The Bra Storage System": ​Provides Delicate Care in a Compact and Worry-Free Manner

Attention Females! The price of a good bra today is considerable and the care of each is a necessary ingredient on behalf of the wearer. Whether one is on a trip or at home, delicate care is necessary. The Bra Storage System is a personal case for the storage, transport, and air-drying of brassieres. It is compact, lightweight, and designed to hold six to eight bras in a locking system that will maintain their shape. The Bra Storage System will appeal strongly to any woman, both for home-use and use when traveling.

The system consists of a lightweight durable molded-plastic case with a collapsing handle at the top and a pair of locking front panels that, when opened, swing out to either side of the case. In the rear of the case are two back panels where the drip tray or water tray is stored. The water tray is pulled down and out in front of the case (like a roll top desk) to collect any dripping water when bras are hung to dry. This tray will channel the dripping water into the lower right corner of the panel where there is a removable collection cup.  The bras are hung inside on special hangers with shoulder grooves to hold the bra securely and the system is designed to slide along the railing also preventing the hangers themselves from falling off. On the back panel,8 there are slots for one of the side ends of each of the hangers and each hanger has a designated slot and it lines up with the other end of the hanger. When the doors close, each hanger is fully secured in place and will not move, or fall off the rail even if the case is dropped or tossed around during travel. The system can accommodate six to eight bras. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Bra Storage System.
The Bra Storage System is Patent Pending and was invented by Elsa Cardenas of Grand Terrace, CA who said, “My Bra Storage System prolongs the life of a bra. It is neat and aids air-drying keeping the bras shapely and secure. This system works both at home and when traveling.”

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