The BP Group Receives the E. Robert Kent Award for Management Innovation

BP Group's PIPES system is recognized by The Mechanical Contractors Association of America

The BP Group's PIPES system, standing for process, information, portal, enabling, and success, is recognized by The Mechanical Contractors Association of America, also known as MCAA. Through collaboration with ATX Advisory Services and the MCAA planning for profitability framework, BP Group created PIPES, an innovative management and technology tool for HVAC specialists.

The PIPES business tool streamlines processes, improves employee practices and provides customers with a consistent experience. This is accomplished through its manual-like design. The visual process flows lead employees through important procedures, eliminates redundant processes, helps onboard and train employees, and increases accountability. “It’s the keep it simple principal, KIS. We have reduced many soft costs with the utilization of PIPES. Internally and externally, we have been able to eliminate duplicative processes, we’ve increased accountability, which has been real big, which has assisted us greatly in competing in today’s market,” says John Fanneron, President of BP Group.

"We need to use current technology and organization structure to better our process and delivery."

John Fanneron, President of BP Group

Rooted in Microsoft technologies, PIPES is easily maintained and cross platform compatible. “We need to use current technology and organization structure to better our process and delivery,” says Fanneron. It’s the innovation and technology that improves productivity and increases cost-effectiveness. The MCAA has released a free PIPES download to all MCAA members at no charge as a benefit of membership.

Members of BP Group took photos with Shaquille O'Neal, retired NBA player, and Sheryl Crow, American singer-songwriter and actress, as they were both present at the award ceremony. “We are really grateful, and we feel very blessed with our membership with the MCAA and the MSCA,” says Fanneron. Fanneron, John Losey, Robert Barbera, and Steve Heiderstadt were there to accept the award on behalf of BP Group.

The BP Group, located in Glendale New York, is a leader in commercial HVAC maintenance that prides itself on being innovative and providing high quality services to its clients. For a closer look on BP Group’s innovation, view its new website.

Source: The BP Group

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