"The Bluetooth Volt Meter": Provides Safe Use for Both Electricians and Homeowners

​The new Bluetooth Volt Meter is a Bluetooth-enhanced electrical receptacle tester that works in conjunction with a smartphone application, displaying results on one’s easily portable smartphone.  The design intent is to provide a simpler, time-saving means for electricians, construction professionals, and do-it-yourselfers to attend to electrical maintenance.

The Bluetooth Volt Meter is a compact rectangular electronic device, battery-operated, featuring an easy-to- view LED display similar to regular voltage testers. The Bluetooth Volt Meter is unique is its Bluetooth capabilities which is accessed via a handy slide switch on the side of the meter allowing the Bluetooth to be turned off between uses to save battery power.  On the front panel of the meter is a small LED to show that the Bluetooth is in a “Discover” mode. The Bluetooth application is made available in a digital download store and is compatible with Phones, iPads, and other smartphone and tablet computer platforms.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Bluetooth Volt Meter.
The Patent Pending Bluetooth Volt Meter was invented by Peter Santucci, Jr., an electrical entrepreneur living in Huntington Beach, CA who said, “Construction workers and homeowners will find this is the very best tool when trouble-shooting electrical problems saving time and money.  When I show up at a job to change a plug, I need to turn the power off first. If I plug my meter into the wall receptacle, discover my meter on the phone showing the meter having volts on it, I can then walk outside to the panel and flip the breaker off—that turns my meter off and I can go back inside to safely change the plug.   It works perfectly and will save time and money.”

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