The Biggest Outdoor Entertainment Trends to Expect in 2022

As experts in outdoor living and bluestone pavers, Melbourne-based Edwards Slate and Stone reveals the biggest outdoor entertainment trends to expect this year.

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After nearly two years of restrictions and lockdowns, Melbourne residents are looking forward to enjoying life in a post-Covid world. For many Melburnians, this means entertaining friends and family at home all through the year, no matter the season. Edwards Slate and Stone, the leading provider of bluestone tiles Melbourne-wide, reveals the top outdoor entertainment trends Melbourne can expect to see this year. 

Melburnians have never been known to shy away from the weather, even throughout their cold, rainy winters. In order to keep the outdoor party going through every season, Melbourne is seeing an increase in indoor-outdoor spaces, reveals Edwards Slate and Stone. These are outdoor areas that have all the warmth and comfort of an indoor area, but the atmosphere of an alfresco entertaining area. This trend involves plush, comfortable furniture, shelter from the elements and features that can withstand any and all weather conditions. Edwards Slate and Stone recommends choosing pavers that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use - in particular, bluestone and slate.

Outdoor kitchens are experiencing a spike in popularity at the moment, too. Edwards Slate and Stone reports that Melburnians are increasingly interested in hosting alfresco lunches and dinners - and the humble barbecue simply isn't cutting it anymore. Melbourne homeowners are installing outdoor stoves, ovens, pizza ovens, island benches, fridges, shelving and cabinets to maximise the entertaining potential of their outdoor spaces. To enhance the look and feel of an outdoor kitchen, Edwards Slate and Stone suggests adding a touch of whimsy using crazy paving - this can be achieved with slate, bluestone, quartz and a range of other natural stones. 

Although the weather is getting cooler, Melbourne's outdoor entertaining season is just beginning to kick off. For more information about tiles, pavers or crazy paving, Melbourne residents can contact Edwards Slate and Stone today or call us now on 03 9544 9544 .

Source: Edwards Slate and Stone