The Biggest Hispanic Expo Event Expands Its Territory in Texas

An Innovative Way of Doing Business Inside the Construction Industry

Hispanic Construction Expo

​It is a well-known fact that Dallas plays a huge role in the construction industry in the United States, it is the third most common employment sector for those who live in this area. These factors were enough for Sergio Terreros CEO of the Hispanic Marketing Firm 11/11 Media to put in the work to carry out the expansion of the profitable trade show Expo Contratista which was a success in Houston.

The acceptance they had last year in Houston was enormous, 7,430 Hispanic Contractors gathered at this event. Large and small businesses, entrepreneurs, managers, and salespeople were part of their exhibitor list. Due to the great acceptance that they had, they decided to take it to this sister city where the construction industry is a hot market. Let’s not forget the prominence of Hispanics in Dallas, who make up 41.9% of the Dallas population (2017). Hispanics dominate the construction industry jobs, and this has been growing at an accelerated pace due to an offer and demand mechanism, this is why Dallas leads the whole country in construction for both houses and apartments.

In the launching of this trade show, the top companies in the construction industry gathered to attend this event. More than 60 brands interacted directly with the public, exchanging information about their products, offering workshops, exclusive promotions and the opportunity to interact directly with the decision makers and top construction influencers.

“The public was satisfied, as they had never attended to a similar event, we came up with this idea, and we executed it with tremendously positive results. Expo Contratista brought together contractors along with the top brands they choose to work within a professional and family friendly environment,” said Sergio Terreros, creator of Expo Contratista.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex will be the next stop for Expo Contratista, due to the unbelievable impact that the growing Hispanic community has had in this area.

Expo Contratista was specifically created to target the construction industry, because the Hispanic community plays a huge role in this field, they are the majority in all kind of occupations and more than half of the construction workers in the United States are Hispanics, this event is something that needed to be done because no one else was bridging that gap between the industry and the community.  No wonder why Mr. Terreros and his team decided to expand this magnificent event. It should be noted that up to now they already have large companies in their list of exhibitors on board including the prominent leaders BC Decorative and Bobcat of Dallas that will have big surprises for their attendees this year in June. 

Expo Contratista Dallas is expected to bring all kind of construction jobs, including Concrete, Landscaping, Roofers, Electricians, Plumbers, and Framers amongst others. They are covering the most demanding occupations in the industry. Expo Contratista is a different kind of trade show, designed to be in a face-to-face setting that provides hands-on interaction with the public. June 23, 2019, is the set-up date at The Centennial Hall located at the Fair Park, from 9 A.M. – 6 P.M., entrance will be free. For more information about how to be part of Expo Contratista Dallas, visit their website: or e-mail

Source: 11/11 Media