The Best Time to Book a Vacation Rental in Europe is in the Fall

Greece Vacation Rental

Europe is a vast continent with many beautiful features, however, fall remains one of the most beautiful times to visit the land.  

Romanticism has inspired dreams of Europe for ages; this could not be truer than in Lisbon, Portugal. Overlooking the Rio Tejo, Lisbon has been described as “a mirror of a thousand colors,” which basically means it’s really beautiful. In addition to several gorgeous Gothic cathedrals, beautiful monasteries, and quaint little streets, Lisbon is known for being culturally rich and always exciting. Lisbon has many affordable vacation rentals that will give you more privacy and comfort than a hotel. HomeEscape offers a unique collection of Portugal vacation rentals without booking fees or processing fees. 

Another great destination is Paris, France. Linger over pain au chocolat in a sidewalk café after relaxing from a day of strolling along the Seine and marveling at icons like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. The perfect Paris experience combines leisure and liveliness with enough time to savor both an exquisite meal and exhibits at the Louvre. Book a Paris vacation rental to get the most out of your trip. Awaken your spirit at Notre Dame, bargain hunt at the Marche aux Puces de Montreuil or for foodies at the Marche Biologique Raspail, then cap it off with an edgy show at the Moulin Rouge.

After Paris, take the tube to London. Visit the crown jewels: Buckingham Palace, and Camden Market. In London, history collides with art, fashion, food, and good British ale. A perfect day is different for everyone: cultural aficionados can spend the afternoon at the Tate Modern and the Royal Opera House. If you love fashion, Oxford Street has shopping galore. For foodies, cream tea at Harrods’ or crispy fish from a proper chippy offers classic London flavor. Music and book buffs will love seeing Abbey Road and the Sherlock Holmes Museum (at 221B Baker Street, of course). A London vacation rental will put you right in the center of the action without breaking your budget.

Athens – once known for smog, traffic, and tacky architecture, Athens is a city reformed thanks to fortunes brought by the 2004 Summer Olympics. Spotless parks and street, an ultra-modern subway, an accessible airport, and all signs in perfect English make Athens an easy city to understand. Athens is the birthplace of modern western democracy, evidenced by the ancient Acropolis and the treasures in the National Archaeological Museum. Find the perfect vacation rental in Athens with HomeEscape. 

Nothing would complete a visit to Italy than a stop in Italy. Well, Milan to be specific. Milan is not only the fashion capital of Italy (Italians would argue that it is also Europe’s fashion capital), but it is an architecture’s lover’s dream. Check out the artsy neighborhood of Brera for leather goods and Via Monte Napoleone for exclusive, expensive boutiques. Meander around the enchanting mosaics and glass vaults of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II make shoppers feel like there are in a painting. Take a break from your spree to gaze upon the iconic Duomo, then grab tickets to a performance of La Scala.

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