The Best Stones for Winter Outdoor Settings

Edwards Slate and Stone, the leading supplier of bluestone pavers Melbourne-wide, reveals the best types of stone to use for outdoor settings that will be used throughout cold winters.

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As Melbourne heads into its infamous colder and rainier months, landscapers are seeing an increasing demand for stylish outdoor pavers that will stand the test of a Melbourne winter. Edwards Slate and Stone, the top supplier of bluestone tiles Melbourne-wide, reveals the types of pavers that can withstand the unpredictable - and often unrelenting - weather conditions that Melbourne is known for.

The paving and tile experts report that one of the best materials for outdoor settings in cold climates is slate. Available in a wide variety of hues - blue-grey, brown, green, blue and violet - slate is well-known in the landscaping and building industries for its durability against all types of weather. It is often used for roofing because it is resistant to the dreaded freeze-thaw cycle, which occurs when water fills the pores of a stone material, then freezes and expands, causing significant damage to the stone. As long as slate is installed properly, it can last for years under strenuous conditions, says Edwards Slate and Stone.

Travertine, a whitish variety of limestone, is another great option for colder climates, according to the experts in tiles and crazy paving in Melbourne. Landscapers have, in past years, advised against travertine for outdoor settings in areas with cooler temperatures as they are porous and tend to get damaged in cold weather. However, Edwards Slate and Stone reassures homeowners that it can now be used in any climate as a viable landscaping paving option if it is properly sealed. 

The ever-popular bluestone can be a solid tile option for an outdoor setting as long as homeowners are willing to reseal it regularly, says Edwards Slate and Stone. Much of Melbourne's CBD is made from bluestone - the curbs, footpaths and even historic buildings in the city are a testament to bluestone's ability to withstand many years of Melbourne winters. It is widely loved for its aesthetic appeal as well as its durability against foot traffic. 

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