The Bay Area's Leading Hair Restoration Clinic, Silicon Valley Hair Institute, Announces New Post on a New Year and New Hair

The Silicon Valley Hair Institute is a professional clinic for hair restoration serving men and women in the Bay Area. The company is announcing a new post on thicker hair via hair restoration for 2019.

Bay Area Hair Restoration

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, the Bay Area hair restoration leader led by hair loss surgeon, Miguel Canales, is proud to announce a new post for the Bay Area community focused on getting thicker hair via hair restoration procedures. With the turn of the New Year to 2019, the post is especially timely as residents from San Francisco to San Jose turn from friends and family to self-improvement.

"When skin starts to sag, and hair begins to thin, it can be like a faded photograph. The true nature of a person can hide behind the aging process," explained Miguel Canales, surgeon, and founder of Silicon Valley Hair Institute. "Our post talks about how a person can reclaim their best self with a little help from hair restoration technology. It makes an excellent way to start 2019 by focusing on self-improvement via technology."

Bay Area residents interested in repairing hair loss can review the new blog post on hair restoration options at Procedures described include robotic hair surgery, eyebrow transplants, and female hair loss treatments that can help take a personal appearance back to a more youthful, vibrant look. Interested persons can learn more about affordable hair loss treatments from a team of hair restoration professionals. For driving directions from anywhere in the Bay Area, interested persons should visit


The general public has had access to social media platforms for over a decade. Accordingly, now ten years later, a Bay Area resident could be hesitant to update a picture due to age or hair loss. Hiding behind an older photo could cause problems for a San Francisco local ready to mingle. The faded image of a younger self might confuse prospective new friends meeting in person. The right hair restoration treatment can renew an individual style to ensure a new photo will easily identify someone at the first meet and greet.

For these reasons, Silicon Valley Hair Institute has announced a new blog post. Technology in hair restoration can recapture a look from earlier times. FUE/FUT robotic surgery can carefully and precisely lift and replace hair. The result may mean an authentic, picture-perfect hairline.

Bay Area locals uncomfortable with hair loss might find several hair restoration options can help bring back the confidence to post a current personal snapshot. Persons interested in hair restoration options in the San Francisco Bay Area are also urged to visit the website and book a confidential hair restoration consultation with Dr. Miguel Canales.


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Source: Silicon Valley Hair Institute