The Bay Area Hair Transplant Leader, Silicon Valley Hair Institute, Announces Map-Friendly Palo Alto Page on Hair Loss Treatment

Silicon Valley Hair Institute is a hair loss treatment clinic serving the Bay Area community. The company is announcing a new user-friendly map provides directions to Palo Alto hair transplant services.

Bay Area Hair Transplant Leader

Silicon Valley Hair Institute, the Bay Area leader in robotic hair transplantation at, is proud to announce a new mobile-friendly Google map upgrade to its page for its Palo Alto hair transplantation services. Residents in or near Palo Alto can use the upgraded page to find easy-to-use driving directions and information on the Peninsula service location.

"When people are looking for us, they might use an app or GPS to our Palo Alto clinic. Sometimes a GPS device can offer some weird routes taking longer to get to a destination," explained Miguel Canales, founder of Silicon Valley Hair Institute. "Our newly uploaded Google map provides simple routes and easy-to-follow directions. It's also useful for folks looking for hair transplantation clinics near their offices in Palo Alto, Menlo Park or Redwood City."

Bay Area residents can review the newly updated map page for Silicon Valley Hair Institute in Palo Alto at The directions page has been revised to meet a growing demand for Palo Alto hair transplant services.  A new user-friendly map can pinpoint an easy route to a top hair restoration clinic. San Jose residents interested in related information can review the San Jose page at  


Here is the background to this release. Today's Bay Area community can rely on the support of GPS apps to get around the region. The changing landscape in Silicon Valley can cause some confusion for mapping devices. Heavy construction and newly built roads could create challenging alternative routes. Drivers can waste time driving through neighborhoods and circling back around cities to arrive at a destination. If a local doesn't want to waste time, the value of an easy and quick route might be appreciated.

For these reasons, Silicon Valley Hair Institute has announced a new user-friendly map to the Palo Alto hair transplant clinic. Residents ready to confront a hair loss problem might desire a quick path to medical care. A new user-friendly map can provide simple directions to a top Palo Alto hair transplant facility.

Male pattern baldness, female hair loss and genetic disorders can all require different treatments for success. A new user-friendly map to a professional Palo Alto hair transplant clinic can lead locals in the right direction.


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Source: Silicon Valley Hair Institute