The Back Institute of Beverly Hills Announces Re-Opening

The Back Institute of Beverly Hills, like the rest of the City, is re-opening after a two month Covid-19 pandemic closure. The Back Institute Surgery Center is a highly regarded, always immaculate specialty center in Beverly Hills.

To re-open, the Center has taken a number of Covid precautionary safety measures. All people entering have been tested and are negative for Covid-19. Patients must have a negative nasal or naso-pharyngeal swab test for Covid-19 in their home city, then again at a designated location in Southern California. Also, the Institute requires that their physician provide additional telemedicine medical clearance.

The first patient to come after the re-opening was a determined dentist from Florida. After just a simple game of "pickle-ball", the dentist was bedridden. After spending weeks in bed , he consulted a Florida back doctor who told him he had a severe lumbar disc blowout and recommended that the dentist have a large spine operation. Although his pain was immense, he wanted the most minimally invasive surgery possible to avoid future problems with his spine. For this exact reason, he contacted Dr. David Ditsworth and scheduled a procedure. In spite of having to lie down the whole way to, from, and on the plane, he came from Florida to Beverly Hills for a nano endoscopic spine procedure. Within an hour after his procedure, he did something he hadn't been able to do for three weeks - he walked.

"I had the surgery yesterday, went out, was walking again which is amazing - out of pain - slept great last night," he said in a post-operative interview.

The Back Institute is known for unique spine procedures, not available elsewhere. It has become the doctors' destination of choice for small spine procedures that replace larger operations.

About Dr. David A. Ditsworth:

Former Chief of Neurosurgery at Beverly Hills Medical Center and current Chief at Back Institute of Beverly Hills. He developed the ultra-small (NANO) lumbar endoscopic partial discectomy for treating herniated and bulging discs in the spine, and has written over 40 peer-reviewed abstracts, articles, and book chapters.

Back Institute of Beverly Hills

By Gregory Geer, JD

and Danaya Geer

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Source: Back Institute of Beverly Hills

About Back Institute of Beverly Hills

The Back Institute Surgery Center of Beverly Hills provides ultra-small (NANO) endoscopic spine procedures to treat herniated discs.

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