"The Baby Alert": Designed to Be Placed on Top of a Car When an Expectant Mother Is on the Way to the Hospital to Give Birth

Invents introduces the "Baby Alert" which displays a warning on a vehicle containing expectant Mom when rushing to the hospital to give birth.

​Traffic, traffic and more traffic. It is never more disconcerting than when on the way to the hospital with a mother about to give birth. This new product was designed to help. The Baby Alert is a magnetically based “BABY” sign (in various languages) with colorful flashing lights and an audible lullaby “siren” designed to be placed on top of a car when an expectant mother is on the way to the hospital to give birth. Safe travel and arrival is the answer for both Mom, Dad, and Baby when utilizing the Baby Alert.
The Baby Alert is a flashing loud mechanical device attached to the top of a car which alerts drivers in times of emergency where a patient is about to deliver a baby. The BABY sign can be displayed in multiple different languages depending upon the geographical location where the delivery is about to take place. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Baby Alert
ThePatent Pending Baby Alert was invented by Bernadine McGrady of Dolton, IL who said, “Anyone who has been in the position of racing as fast as possible to the hospital realizes how traffic, highway changes and accidents can quickly put a stop to the trip. The Baby Alert ensures that women arrive in time to be safely inside a medical facility to give birth. The Baby Alert is the perfect beacon to inform and request other drivers to pull over and allow the car to pass.  It works.”

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