"The Auto Vehicular Audio and GPS Theft Deterrent": Covers Prized Equipment on Dash of Vehicle From View of Potential Thieves

​Given the ability to protect our homes can be much simpler than protecting our vehicles and the contents. Why? Our home is not on wheels and it is easy to close the blinds or draperies to hide the contents. That is not always the case with a vehicle and the contents will entice a thief.  The Auto Vehicular Audio and GPS Theft Deterrent is a specially designed covering to be easily applied over in-dash automobile stereo systems or GPS units. The design intent is to provide consumers with a practical way to deter criminals from breaking into one's vehicle by hiding stereos and navigational equipment from view.

The Auto Vehicular Audio and GPS Theft Deterrent has been configured to discreetly hide this electronic equipment from view. It can be installed at the time of manufacture of a vehicle or installed as an aftermarket accessory. It is primarily made of a lightweight plastic material with the surface of the unit covered in sleek velvet, leather, vinyl, felt, silk, cotton, or other material to discreetly blend with the vehicle dashboard. To further camouflage the unit during use, this device can be offered in a variety of neutral hues to compliment vehicle interiors such as black, gray, beige, with other color offerings also made available. The Auto Vehicular Audio and GPS Theft Deterrent can be easily secured over the vehicle stereo or GPS unit by way of heavy duty magnetic fasteners that run the perimeter of the underside of the unit and adhere to the existing metal framework of the stereo or GPS. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Auto Vehicular Audio and GPS Theft Deterrent.

The Patent Pending Auto Vehicular Audio and GPS Theft Deterrent was invented by Ralph Lopez of Chicago, IL who said, “This easy- to-use device prevents thieves from viewing the interior of your vehicle. Being non-visible prevents the desire of a thief to help themselves. It works.”

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