"The Auto Sink Spray": Has Built-in Water Jets Keeping Counter Top Splash-Free

​The Auto Sink Spray is a unique, touch-free bathroom sink that eliminates the problems of backsplash and countertop pooling by providing a circumferential spray of water from a series of built in water jets when one's hands or face are placed over or into the rim of the sink. It is ideal for rinsing or refreshing one's face after washing or shaving, or simply rinsing the hands after washing. The Auto Sink Spray heightens the convenience of daily hygiene, while reducing the associated mess.

Like the “no touch” faucets in public bathroom, the Auto Sink Spray employs one or more infrared sensors in the rim to detect the entry of one's hands or face; once this entry has been detected by the sensor(s), a battery-powered (DC) or household-wiring-powered (AC) mechanism opens two valves – one in the incoming cold-water supply line and one in the incoming hot-water supply line. These valves feed hot and cold water into a pair of auxiliary supply lines which merge to supply a third line to feed the integrated water jets. The jets are placed at regular intervals providing a cross-spray pattern that remains just below the upper rim of the sink. The rim features a slight overhang preventing spray from escaping onto the countertop. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Auto Sink Spray.

The Patent Pending Auto Sink Spray was invented by Brian Boland of Bronx, NY who said, “Many men, me included, will cup the water after shaving to rinse the face. This also happens when one wants to rinse his or her face and that practice leaves more water on the countertop, backsplash and floor than desired.  The Auto Sink Spray eliminates the vexing problem of water, water everywhere while it also eliminates touching the faucet. The Auto Sink Spray works.”
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