"The Arthur Gadget": Efficiently Inflates Dunnage Bags Quickly and Easily

Inflation devices for use with dunnage bags vary but this new product offers unparalleled inflation speed and innovative safety features reducing inflation and labor costs. The Arthur Gadget is a specially designed, compact, metal crafted air tool created expressly for facilitating the inflation of dunnage air bags. Reliable, easy to operate and handle — even in small spaces — and trigger controlled, the design intent is to provide the logistics industry with a more efficient, compact, and quality made device for this purpose.

Dunnage bags must be easily and expediently inflated to accommodate a vast array of shipment sizes and with the Arthur Gadget this task is accomplished without the hassles common to large, bulky air tools typically employed. A compact, handheld unit, the Arthur Gadget is a tubular unit fashioned of durable metal material and comprised of the following features: an air hose adapter extending from the tool's distal end; a hinge-mounted trigger mechanism at its top; a cap attachment (featuring thread compatible to all dunnage air bags) at the proximal end for connection to a bag; and a finger/grip guard at its base. Use of the Arthur Gadget is simple…first, the cap attachment is secured to the air valve of a dunnage bag with the cap screwed on for an air-tight seal. The opposite adapter then is connected to an external air source, i.e. a compressor or air hose. Powering on the air source, a user simply presses the trigger on the Arthur Gadget to control the air flow going into the bag. When finished, the tool is placed in a pocket or tool box where it would be instantly accessible when needed again. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Arthur Gadget.
The Arthur Gadget is Patent Pending and was invented by Michael Arthur and Denise Ruffin of Blue Island, IL who said, “This is a more user-friendly unit and ensures efficient, hassle-free inflation of dunnage support bags. It is easy to use and eliminates having to wrestle with the unwieldy and unreliable air tools commonly used.  It is a time saver and that aids the bottom line. It works.”

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