The Art of Education University's FLEX® Curriculum Chosen to Support Clark County's Art Educators

Clark County—the nation's fifth-largest school district—provides 400 visual arts educators with FLEX Curriculum to provide stability through shifting learning environments during the pandemic.

FLEX Curriculum

The Art of Education University (AOEU), a publisher of professional development and curriculum for art teachers, announced that Clark County School District (CCSD) has selected FLEX as the art curriculum tool for art educators. 

FLEX provides a comprehensive K-12 curriculum solution for the arts, enabling CCSD art educators to leverage standards-aligned lessons and resources with delivery in any learning format, including distance learning. 

CCSD is demonstrating commitment to its five-year strategic plan, Focus: 2024, by investing in its art educators. Adopting FLEX ensures that they have the tools they need to succeed in providing "rich and rigorous learning for every student, including more pathways to college and career."

"We are delighted to see Clark County adopting programs that directly support their art educators and students," said Chief Growth Officer EJ Caffaro. "Districts that invest in their art curriculum see an immediate impact on student performance and increased learning outcomes. We have seen many districts making a concerted effort in supporting the social and emotional well-being of their teachers and students during these challenging times. We're honored to partner with these great educators to make a positive difference in Clark County!"

"The CCSD fine arts department is grateful for the support of the CCSD board of trustees and superintendent in approving the purchase of this curriculum and their continued support of the arts. FLEX will provide 400 elementary and secondary visual arts educators and their students the necessary tools and resources to continue high-quality art instruction and production in face-to-face, hybrid, or distance education environments," said CCSD Coordinator of Elementary Fine Arts Sue DeHart. 

Due to the ever-changing classroom environment, AOEU is focusing on creating resources for distance and hybrid learning as well as crucial connections, such as social-emotional learning, cultural awareness, and STEAM.

AOEU's director of K-12 professional development, Amanda Heyn, emphasized, "FLEX is built for today's teachers; it enables them to connect with students and empower them to use their voices to create meaningful artwork."

FLEX addresses the need for current, customizable, standards-aligned curriculum materials in a market lacking resources to support art education. FLEX saves art educators time with a comprehensive library to build a robust and culturally responsive curriculum. 

Currently in use by thousands of teachers nationwide, FLEX has been adopted by the CCSD and hundreds of other districts across the country.

About The Art of Education University: AOEU is an online university that provides art-specific professional development, engaging K-12 curriculum, relevant resources, and a rigorous master's degree program. To learn more, visit

About Clark County School District: CCSD was established in 1965 and serves 320,000 students. Offering a wide range of nationally recognized programs, they strive to meet each student's individual needs. To learn more, visit

Source: The Art of Education University


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