The Arcview Group's Women's Inclusion Network Announces Partnership With WEiC to Optimize Opportunities for Women in Cannabis

Cannabis Networks Collaborate to Offer Advanced Mentorship, Interactive Events, and Educational Platforms for Their Members in 2021

Arcview Women's Inclusion Network

The Arcview Group's Women's Inclusion Network joins forces with Women Empowered in Cannabis (WEiC) to develop a cohesive program that benefits members of both organizations. In 2021, Women's Inclusion Network and WEiC will offer joint membership, access to all programs within each network, as well as reveal three unique co-hosted events in a mutually beneficial collaboration.

"Together, we're working to make this industry more inclusive. We want everyone, women and men, to have equal access to capital, shelf space, board seats, C-suite level opportunities, education, and deal flow," says Laura Toomey, Chief of Staff of The Arcview Group. "We want members at all levels in the business to feel connected."

Women's Inclusion Network and WEiC look to do more than level the playing field across the cannabis industry. Both networks are lighting things up 'the women's way.' "We're not trying to fit in where the men are; we're developing our own space that will help women achieve the same level of success," comments Sarah Falvo, Director of Community for The Arcview Group.

Helping people generate the right connections, which is very important when raising funds to build a new cannabis company, is what Women's Inclusion Network and WEiC aim to accomplish.

"A powerful network can open doors to funding and other support necessary for a successful business. By sharing our network with one another, the WEiC community enables more women to step into a place of empowerment in their businesses," Kyra Reed, Founder and Director of Community of WEiC.

Joint membership to Women's Inclusion Network and WEiC includes exclusive webinars, mentorship sessions, video series, speed-networking, speaking events, site tours, and an interactive job board. Member-driven events will cover a vast array of topics including supply chain, marketing, and finances. Additionally, the networks consist of Legacy Employees that are in place to assist new companies to enter and compete in the market.

Joint membership starts at $600 per individual. To learn more or become a member, please visit

About Women's Inclusion Network:

The Arcview Group's Women's Inclusion Network champions the movement of bringing more women investors, companies, and products to the forefront of the cannabis industry. Women's Inclusion Network is dedicated to supporting women in the cannabis industry and empowering each other with facts, conversations, mentorship, and deal flow. Visit

About Women Empowered in Cannabis (WEiC):

Working in Cannabis, Hemp & CBD, the WEiC members are executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, politicians, activists, influencers, and community leaders. The group shares resources, provides support, and builds networks around the world with women who are part of a movement to create an inclusive, diverse and equitable cannabis industry. WEiC believes that women collaboration creates a strong community, impacts policy, and develops solutions to the industry's biggest issues.


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Source: The Arcview Group

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