Epicenter of Cannabis Reveals $600 Million in Current Deal Flow

170 Companies Simultaneously Being Funded with Guidance from The Arcview Group


 With five states voting to legalize cannabis, the Biden Administration's support for decriminalization, probable advancement of the SAFE Banking Act due to changes in Senate Banking Committee leadership, and the passing of the MORE Act in the House, The Arcview Group discloses that investment interest in cannabis is at an all-time high.

"Three of the most important events to drive cannabis growth in 2021 and beyond have occurred. Notable progress on the regulatory front, a catalyst for industry expansion to the East coast, and consistent performance among bellwether cannabis stocks as the best-performing US cannabis companies saw sales and adjusted EBITDA increase in Q3," states Jeffrey Finkle, CEO of Arcview Ventures. "The passage in New Jersey will likely affect the futures of New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maryland."

"Recent big wins of some key companies such as Weedmaps and LeafLink, companies that Arcview Group's members invested in during their early funding rounds, has sparked a new wave of excitement around cannabis investing," comments Kim Kovacs, CEO of The Arcview Group. "All of this is happening now, and we have over $600M in capital being raised across 170 companies on our platforms. Becoming an early investor today or this week is one of the smartest moves one should make."

Members of The Arcview Group community are continuing to connect companies with the right people and sealing deals. Investing avenues in the Arcview ecosystem such as The Arcview Collective Fund, Arcview Capital, and Arcview Investor Network are firing on all cylinders.

To view all current raises underway, visit www.arcviewventures.com. Find out more about becoming an investor or applying for funding by emailing info@ArcviewVentures.com.

About The Arcview Group:

The Arcview Group is a vertically integrated investment firm servicing the cannabis industry. As a trusted global leader and nexus for investors, companies, entrepreneurs, money-managers, and community, Arcview provides a broad spectrum of programs and services to the industry. By providing the tools necessary and curating cannabis companies, Investor Members have invested in more than 300 private cannabis startups to-date. The Arcview Group has launched three new entities: Arcview Ventures, Arcview Capital, Arcview Consulting. To learn more, visit https://arcviewgroup.com

Press Contact:

Christia Brockman

Source: The Arcview Group