"The Anytime-Modify Douche": Provides Females A Practical Modification To The Design Of Douches

"The Anytime-Modify Douche" provides internal and external cleansing for female users.

The ability to cleanse feminine genitals thoroughly is available in traditional douches that are in the marketplace today… but nothing compares to the Anytime-Modify Douche that is packaged in a dual dispenser that simultaneously affords external and internal cleansing. The design of the Anytime-Modify Douche is to provide females a practical modification to the design of douches which would better facilitate optimal feminine hygiene.

The product has a dual dispenser head. The container itself is canteen-like in shape and comprised of a plastic (squeezable) bottle. The plastic douche is designed to clean the entire vulva area and tiny holes spray cleansing liquid when the douche is squeezed. The Anytime-Modify Douche will quickly wash away trace residue while at the same time thwart the growth of germs and bacteria. Connected together so as to dispense product simultaneously the dual nozzle features an elongated tubular nozzle that is inserted into the vagina with the second shorter nozzle attached to the base and extending outwards at an angle which handles the external cleansing of the vaginal walls and vulva area. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Anytime-Modify Douche.

The Patent Pending Anytime-Modify Douche was invented by Raymond and Leah Valrie of Los Angeles, CA who said, “ It works perfectly following a monthly period as well as both prior to and following sexual intimacy— or simply whenever one wants to feel fresh. It is the answer to a woman's wish in order to say clean and fresh all the time.”

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