"The Amoye Bottle and Vase": Whether a Vase or Bottle, These Vessels Are Forever Elegant

Styles and fashions in home décor change often but these new items will be elegant for years and years. The Amoye Bottle and Vase is a line of bottles, vases and comparable decanters, each boasting a handcrafted weaving technique that adorns the entire surface of the designated item. The design intent of Amoye Bottle and Vase is to provide consumers with a striking and unique decorative and functional accessory for the home or office. Designers and decorators will benefit when utilizing these unusual and unique pieces.
The handcrafted, woven material covers the entire exterior of the vessel. The decanters themselves are comprised of hand-blown or molded glass material and offered in a variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, simple bottles boasting a cylindrical base and long neck; vases featuring a bell shape signified by a small, circular base and wide mouth; as well as decanters featuring a volute or column design, are all available in the Amoye Bottle and Vase line.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Amoye Bottle and Vase.
The Patent Pending Amoye Bottle and Vase was invented by Anthony Adejudge of Waukegan, IL who said, “This is an elegant design for bottles and vases like none other and it sets these unique pieces totally apart from other artworks or items one might have in the home.  The Amoye Bottle and Vase are dazzling showpieces that afford a glimpse of transforming any living or work space. They show beautifully.”
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