"The Alpha Products by Shears City": Gives Men/males Hair and Body Product Perfection

Concern over proper health and personal care is not limited to females. And this new product is particularly addressed toward the masculine gender. Alpha Products by Shears City is a line of hair and body care products for men including vitamin-packed shampoo and styling gel that will have them coming back for more; all featuring the locally famous “Shears City” logo of the inventors' barber-shop business. Attractively packaged, quality made, healthy and effective, the Alpha Products by Shears City appeals to men in general, as well as to barbers and stylists who stock, recommend, and use this product line.
The Alpha Products by Shears City combine a container of premium-quality, vitamin-infused shampoo with a container of a proprietary styling gel, thus giving men – in a single, eye-catching package – everything they need to maintain, clean, replenish, and style their hair. The Alpha Products by Shears City would be packaged under the unique Shears City logo of the inventor's two Shears City barber shops, this logo featuring a cityscape of building silhouettes with the words “Shears City” displayed prominently across the bottom. Alpha Products by Shears City have a striking packaging, and are packaged specifically for special holidays and occasions such as Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine's Day etc. In addition to the combination package including both the vitamin-infused shampoo and the styling gel, there would also be an 18-ounce, stand-alone container of Alpha Gel, as well as body wash and shaving gel, also marketed and distributed under the Shears City brand and logo. The shampoo is vitamin-infused and aromatically pleasing; and the Alpha Gel will be water-based, with vitamins to keep the hair healthy and free of flakes. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in THE Alpha Products by Shears City.
The Alpha Products by Shears City is Patent Pending and was invented by Sonia Herrera and Edgar Romero of Fontana, CA who said, “This retail package provides an optimal combination of both convenience and performance in the hair-care and body-care products for the male gender. It works equally well when used in barber shops and hair stylists. Because it works so well it is accepted and excepted by all male consumers.”
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