The Ahhhhhhh Traveling Kit: Comfort Without Problems When on the Road With No Rest Stop in Sight

Pure comfort is the feeling so many of us have when holding and then voiding the bladder. Unless you wear a diaper, this device is the most valuable product ever when you are on the road and unable to reach a bathroom. The Ahhhhhhh Traveling Kit is a compact, portable funnel and collection system designed to enable travelers – whether commercial truckers or long-distance motorists – to conveniently and neatly empty their bladders en route without having to stop at a rest-area or truck-stop. Featuring sanitary liners for quick and easy clean-up and disposal, and saving over-the-road travelers both time and money, the Ahhhhhhh Traveling Kit allows the user to reach their destinations more quickly, and more comfortably.

The Ahhhhhhh Traveling Kit is fabricated in molded thermoplastic and consists of three sections. At the top is a tapered funnel or receiver into which the user urinates. The bottom of the funnel is connected – by the second component; a flexible vinyl hose – to the third component; a cylindrical base reservoir into which the collected urine will flow. This reservoir will be lined with a disposable sanitary liner and the Kit is sold with a supply of liners, which will also be sold separately as refills. The entire assembly of the Ahhhhhhh Traveling Kit measures 4” H x 8” W. The system has been designed for use by anyone—male or female—of virtually any age. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Ahhhhhhh Traveling Kit.
The Patent Pending Ahhhhhhhh Traveling Kit was invented by Jammie Johnes of Brooklyn, NY who said, “Unless one has traveled for miles while desperately needing a bathroom break, the Ahhhhhhh Traveling Kit might not have any meaning, but, for all the rest of us, it works. The kit solves the problem of travelers, including those suffering from Urinary Incontinence with the ability to relieve the bladder discreetly while on the road.”

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