The 90 Year Old Start Up: New Logo - New Website - New Brand - New Leadership - Same Mission

The next generation has arrived: They look different, they talk different and they think different; yet their mission is to protect the legacy of excellence!

NOVA Mission Critical announces that the 4th Generation of Leadership is ready to take NOVA Mission Critical into the next data center era with a slew of changes intended to prepare them for decades to come.

Mark DiStefano, the current CEO of NOVA Mission Critical, recently stated, If we have learned anything throughout history it’s that adaptation to change is the most vital key to survival and success.  With over 40 years of experience in our field I have seen countless changes in market demand but never with this much frequency and intensity.  I believe that the key element to our current market condition is the keen awareness to our customer’s requirements.  

"With over 40 years of experience in our field I have seen countless changes in market demand but never with this much frequency and intensity. I believe that the key element to our current market condition is the keen awareness to our customer's requirements. "

Mark DiStefano, CEO of NOVA Mission Critical

Our industry has commoditized the basic elements of a mission critical project.  We believe that what the client wants today is professionalism, timeliness, safety and all at a competitive cost.

So to that end… our current understanding of these market conditions combined with our desire to adapt to meet these market conditions is the basis of the current NOVA Mission Critical transformation. A well-oiled machine with all parts in sync yields a service that will allow our clients and their demand for mission critical space to grow at the exponential level anticipated.”

Mark DiStefano, the 3rd generation President and CEO, personally led the last transformation of NOVA General Contracting to NOVA Mission Critical more than three decades ago during the genesis of the mission critical vertical.  Today, NOVA exclusively focuses on data center project development. Having completed in excess of 8 Million SF of Mission Critical data centers worldwide, NOVA has evolved into the 21st century.

While restating the historical requirement for adaptation during our discussion Mark also stated, “The timing for leadership changes is tantamount to a company’s future.  

That said I believe that the transition to the President’s position from myself to Edward Stewart is vital at this time.   Generations within our industry need to interact with peers sharing the most current trends and modes of communication.  The current trends in communication are more unique and advanced than at any time in history.  I accept that Edward Stewart best serves the most beneficial use of these current modes in a leadership position.

Edward’s history within NOVA has allowed him to evaluate and be directly involved in each and every aspect of our companies’ components.  His ability to evaluate the true effectiveness of our services and the implementation of necessary modifications to those services is, in my mind, the formula for his success as the new President of NOVA Mission Critical.”

Edward is no stranger to NOVA Mission Critical having 12 years with NOVA under his belt already.  Edward understands that his duty is to pick up and carry on the vision of the future, not replace it with this new promotion.

My years with Mark have taught me that successful succession is more than simply picking someone that has the right skill set to monitor numbers, competitors and markets.  I’ve learned that it's about finding someone who is in lock step with the original cause that the business was founded upon.  I’m not passionate in running the business…  I am passionate to carry on the cause.   I intend to implore each and every employee at NOVA to help maintain the heritage, the tradition and a passion that we all have for the true NOVA experience.”

“Spending a large majority of my professional career here at NOVA, I’ve witnessed over a decade of market transformations and have been fortunate to be part of the innovative adaptations that comes from a firm with a 90 year legacy. I’m excited and eager to embark on what will be NOVA’s latest reinvention in the modern data center industry. Building on a strong heritage, NOVA is turning the page with a new strategy and a fresh outlook on the future. While it’s essential that we never forget where we came from, we are steadfast in our focus on tomorrow and our commitment to always place our Customers’ needs first.”

Established in New York City in 1926, NOVA Mission Critical is one of the industry’s leading Data Center Experts specializing in helping other Data Center Experts build the impossible. Throughout North America, Europe and the Middle-East we have spent decades focused only on building cathedrals that serve as “the sky for the cloud!”

In the past 15 years alone we have designed, built and commissioned over 7 Million Square Feet of data center space for some of the most innovative retail colocation, wholesale colocation and enterprise data center users in the world. NOVA Mission Critical has offices in New York, Dallas, London, Singapore and Dubai.

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