Thankful Leverages ChatGPT to Lead the AI Customer Service Revolution

The technology behind OpenAI's ChatGPT will be used to drive more empathic and personal conversations with customers at scale.

Thankful, a generative AI solution dedicated to customer service, announced it has now integrated OpenAI's ChatGPT to enhance the quality of customer service in the trillion-dollar e-commerce industry.

For the past four years, Thankful's best-in-class AI models have been built for customer service in the e-commerce and retail industry. By interlacing these models with OpenAI's new large language models, Thankful is the first customer service technology to marry the benefits of generative text with the essential need for vertical-specific knowledge - an approach recently championed by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, in recent interviews. "Startups will train their own models, just not from the beginning," he said. "They will train on top of [ChatGPT] to create a model for each vertical." 

ChatGPT builds on Thankful's ability to interact with customers in a more natural way, meeting customer expectations for personal, contextually relevant, factually accurate, and empathetic conversations.

"ChatGPT 3.5 proves that conversation is now a viable interface into any body of knowledge," says Thankful CEO and co-founder Ted Mico. "This breakthrough is going to transform customer service. Thankful is leading the charge, ensuring these AI-powered conversations are more satisfying for end-customers and business-safe for brands. By being a better listener, Thankful can be a better first responder."

Thankful's no-code customer experience builder, FlowsNext, gives brands control over the conversation. Brands can now leverage the personal responses generative AI offers with their own policy controls and full suite of e-commerce integrations.

"With our FlowsNext infrastructure, we give ChatGPT the tools it needs to retrieve information from backend systems, make changes to orders, and reply to customers with empathy while still perfectly enforcing policies using the brand's voice,"  said Evan Tann, Thankful's CTO and co-founder. 

Unlike many software companies that have begun to use generative AI to suggest customer responses to their human agents, Thankful is able to respond directly to the end-customer. It can perform actions such as canceling an order, offering discounts, order tracking and reshipping, upselling inventory, and more. This removes repetitive tickets from an agent's workflow and empowers them to focus on more critical customer queries.

On March 2, at 11 a.m. PST, Thankful's CTO, Evan Tann, will be joined by SupportNinja, Crate & Barrel, and Gladly for a free webinar on how to integrate ChatGPT into a customer support ecosystem and what's next for CX leaders. To learn more and reserve your spot, visit their registration page.

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