Thankful and Zendesk Team Up to Launch Sunshine Conversations Integration

Top Customer Service Industry Platforms Integrate to Leverage AI to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Thankful + Zendesk

Thankful, the leading AI customer service provider in the U.S., announced that they have partnered with Zendesk, allowing businesses to leverage both platforms through the Sunshine Conversations integration.

The partnership between Thankful and Zendesk is underpinned by the ability of both platforms to provide personalized customer-centric service across all written channels at scale, while simultaneously reducing operational costs.

"Thankful's innovative technology can understand requests and resolve tickets over email as an AI Agent working within Zendesk, which enables companies to deliver powerful customer experiences," said Zendesk's Senior Director Technology, Partner Ecosystem, Tim Marsden. "We are excited about the addition of Thankful's Sunshine Conversations integration because it allows businesses' support teams to quickly and easily respond to messages across channels with an AI agent."

As a testament to both Thankful and Zendesk's unwavering commitment to providing a product and service that customers enjoy, the Sunshine Conversations integration presents a unified customer profile across every messaging channel and the entire history of every ongoing customer conversation, including anything handled by Thankful. 

"End-customer demands for smarter, faster service keep increasing, and Thankful is responding to that challenge by partnering with helpdesks like Zendesk to help deliver happier customers and vastly improved customer satisfaction scores," said Thankful CEO, Ted Mico.

About Thankful

Thankful is the leading AI customer service software solution, advanced enough to understand, and fully resolve large volumes of customer inquiries, delivering exceptional, personalized service across all written channels. Thankful powers intelligent automation for brands who lead the world in customer experience, including Crate & Barrel, FabFitFun, MeUndies, Bombas, and Untuckit. Founded in 2018, Thankful is headquartered in Venice, California.

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