Texas Entrepreneur Drives Awareness and Solutions to Human Trafficking

January is human trafficking awareness month

Empowerment Box by Purity Majesty

Statistics show that 90% of women rescued from human trafficking return to their former lives in a sex trade industry* often times due to a lack of community and no opportunity to make money while they heal.  Purity & Majesty, a business founded by Stephani McDaniel in 2015, is on a mission to help those rescued from human trafficking, stay rescued, and re-integrate into normal life as a thriving member of community.  Every piece purchased sends an “Empowerment Box” to a woman at a transitional home where they are trained and given supplies needed to make our product and earn 60% of profits. 

The sex industry is about money and power.  Our solution? Get power and money back into the hands of those recovering. First P&M aims to provide an immediate new trade and skill to supplement income and serve as an anchor for the women as they heal at their safe home. Second, P&M focuses on surrounding women with a community of like-minded women, while creating products that serve as support, empowerment and a network to help their transition outside the restoration home. 

"When I sat across from women at a table at a safe home in Texas I asked a few girls about their 'transition' out into the world and they said, 'Leaving the safe home is my biggest fear because outside these doors I don't even know where I am going.'"

Stephani McDaniel

Founder, Purity & Majesty

"When I sat across from women at a table at a safe home in Texas I asked a few girls about their 'transition' out into the world and they said, 'Leaving the safe home is my biggest fear because outside these doors I don’t even know where I am going.'"

Purity & Majesty found and need to answer the question: what can help ease their transition? Answer: bringing community to the safe house so the women have people to connect with and continue to walk alongside them.  

“It is imperative for the women rescued to find a safe way to generate income during their restoration, as well as to connect with other women to build new healthy relationships and new community.  It’s the new authentic community surrounding these women that changes everything.  Pairing the community with a practical way for them to generate income is the glue to the model that aims to multiply success stories of women getting out of the sex industry and transitioning well. By providing a way for them to make money by fulfilling jewelry orders, Purity & Majesty gives women the opportunity to make money and take back their power, all the while working from the safety of their restoration home during their process of healing,” stated McDaniel.

This year, Purity & Majesty has partnered with the Her Voice Movement to produce Zipper bracelets, symbolizing women finding our Voice.   When people purchase Purity & Majesty jewelry the company sends an "Empowerment box" to woman recovering in a transitional home. The Empowerment box has the supplies needed to make 10 zipper bracelets, resulting in $200 dollars for each woman, once sold.

McDaniel’s explains, “For so long women have learned to ‘zip it’ and keep their mouth’s shut in silence.  Our mindsets have been: ‘I don’t want to be too much, or be too controlling, or manipulative so I am just going to zip my mouth and not say anything.’ But it’s time for women to find their Voice in alignment with their Creator, and that goes for us women outside these safe homes as well as the women inside the restoration homes as they are finding their voice and identity in a community of women empowering women."

 About Purity & Majesty

Purity & Majesty is an empowerment and high-end jewelry company harnessing the power of business to help end the issue of human trafficking in the U.S., Canada, and beyond.  We bring an economic solution to the women exiting the sex trafficked industry so they can transition out and thrive. P&M is a growing community for change in Texas, Oregon and Toronto. For more information visit www.puritymajesty.com.

About Her Voice Movement

HER VOICE MOVEMENT is about a collection of women, an army, who decide to show up to their life each and every day. No hiding. No false humility. It’s a movement.  HER VOICE is about YOUR VOICE. It is about the difference YOU are going to make on the world around you. YOUR VOICE is not a waste. It is not muffled or muzzled. Your Voice is needed. Your Voice nurtures. Your Voice shifts. Your Voice is His Voice. In silence, we meditate, we listen and rest, zippered shut and prayerful. Yet with keen discernment, we pull open the zipper and release words that cause the enemy to shrink away and kings and queens to rise up.

HER VOICE MOVEMENT isn't just about words, but about presence. It isn't just about what you say to others, but what you whisper to yourself. You have learned to close your mouth in wisdom. You've learned to serve and love and be content in the background. Now it's time to unzip your mouth, step forward, come out of the shadows. For more information visit

*Source: http://engagetogether.com/

Source: Purity & Majesty


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