TerraVent Environmental to Commercialize Environmental Technology for Green Energy Transition

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TerraVent has obtained an exclusive license to L3Harris Technologies, Inc.'s patented HeatWave® equipment and ESEIEH® process to complete industry demonstration and commercialization. This innovative use of radio frequency energy and natural solvents allows for sustainable production of long chain hydrocarbons used to create polymers and plastics needed for green energy transition. These disruptive technologies result in 85% less greenhouse gas emissions, 30% less habitat loss, and eliminate millions of gallons of water use daily, compared with existing techniques.

TerraVent will conduct final technology optimization and demonstration.

TerraVent is an environmental technology company created by serial entrepreneurs to identify, develop, and commercialize innovative technologies addressing global environmental problems.

"TerraVent is working toward a full-scale pilot of the process in 2023 in Alberta, Canada," said Kevin Pope, TerraVent's CEO. "Because their current hydrocarbon production is very energy intensive and ESEIEH® can make an enormous impact in reducing CO2 emissions and water consumption. Then we will move into the environmental remediation market, to work toward cleaning up areas contaminated by past industrial practices. It's an exciting time in environmental technology, and ESEIEH® is a dramatic step toward a low carbon emission future."

HeatWave is part of L3Harris' overall commitment to help customers manage climate-related and other environmental challenges. The company's advanced technologies also are used for weather tracking, ocean mapping, earth observation and efficient flight routing to help customers achieve their missions of solving environmental challenges and promoting sustainability around the world.

"The HeatWave initiative reflects L3Harris' commitment to reducing environmental, health and safety impacts for our customers and within our own operations," said Ed Zoiss, President, Space and Airborne Systems, L3Harris. "We continue to introduce new technologies and implement robust internal programs to protect the environment and advance environmental sustainability for future generations."

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