TEMCO Offers Best-in-Class Industrial Parts Washers

TEMCO the first to create the innovative Split Door design

TEMCO is one of the leading names in industrial parts washers, known around the world for its expertise in helping industrial entities make the best use of their time and money by providing them industrial parts washers designed for their specific uses 

TEMCO has developed an industry-first-design in industrial parts washers: the “Split Door” design. TEMCO’s Exclusive Split Door Design is now standard on all of TEMCO's larger parts washer models, starting with the TEMCO model T50. This design eliminates the cumbersome, heavy single swing doors that can sag and drag over time. This new split door design facilitates easier loading and unloading and is easier to open and close and is safer for the operator. 

TEMCO Industrial Parts washers are designed for rugged dependability with their simple user-friendly control systems and easy-to-clean design. This, along with unsurpassed customer service after the sale and replacement parts through a local Grainger, set TEMCO above the rest. Whatever your needs, you will have an expert helping you with consultation or troubleshooting. A TEMCO professional is just a toll-free call, email or text away.


About TEMCO: TEMCO was established in 1978 and has been offering award-winning high-quality industrial parts washers since 1990. It also provides replacement parts, detergents, and support to keep TEMCO parts washers working at their peak levels.

Source: Temco Wash Parts


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