Founder of, Aleksandra Baengueva, Becomes a Part of the Jury for the Webby Awards This Year

Aleksandra Baengueva is an expert product and UX/UI designer and photographer who recently evaluated the outstanding works of artists in the "General Websites and Mobile Sites" categories.


Aleksandra Baengueva, the founder of and an accomplished UX/UI and product designer, has recently became a part of the jury for The Webby Awards this year. The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS).

Aleksandra Baengueva is an expert product designer and UX/UI designer who has been helping businesses of all sizes through her expertise in the field. With a sharp eye for design and a passion for creating comfortable user experiences, she has already achieved recognition and won several design awards for her work. Aleksandra looks forward to working with businesses, big or small, to help them in their digital success.

Aleksandra initially explored economics, studying the field back when she was an undergrad at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Digital design and photography belonged to a list of hobbies that Aleksandra dabbled in from time to time. Eventually, her interest morphed into what would fuel her career switch to UX/UI designing.

Afterward, Aleksandra enrolled in grad school in New York City, deepening her understanding of web and multimedia design. She then lent her expertise and talent to numerous illustrious companies, including Gizmodo, The Onion, The Root, Jalopnik, and S&P500 companies, where she is part of the design team.

As a UX/UI designer, Aleksandra focuses on creating user-friendly interfaces that make navigating complex products and services easier for customers. She also develops UX strategies to customize the user journey, enabling customers to quickly find what they need without confusion or frustration. Her exceptional design skills and passion for supporting users have been key to her success.

Aleksandra is a passionate advocate for improving the user experience through a design thinking process and user-centric approach. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. As an experienced designer in the industry, she serves as a member of jury panels for prestigious recognition awards, including the Webby Awards, Lovie Awards, Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, and W3 Awards in the category of Websites and Mobile Sites.

When asked about the Webby Awards jury, she said, "I'm thrilled to be part of the jury for The Webby Awards this year and to have the opportunity to evaluate outstanding works in the 'General Websites and Mobile Sites' categories. Last year, the Root team and I had the great honor of being nominated in one of the categories. Now, the 27th Annual Webby Nominees have been officially announced, with voting open. Please show your support for your favorite creators and talented individuals by voting for them."

Aleksandra is committed to leveraging her expertise in UX/UI design to create intuitive and user-friendly products that cater to their customers' needs. Additionally, she is looking to extend her impact by mentoring aspiring designers and serving on jury panels for design awards.

Aleksandra Baengueva is a true visionary and go-getter who is sure to continue driving sectors forward and be integral in meeting the needs of a demanding and diverse consumer base. With her passion for design, her commitment to diversity and inclusion, and her dedication to helping clients to succeed, she is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.