Telo Unveils Proprietary Multi-Signal Nuisance Call Detection Feature for Telephone Carriers

Phone with Nuisance Call Detection

Telo announces the addition of an innovative new feature to its OpenCNAM service that easily and reliably detects nuisance activity, protecting subscribers from fraud and unwanted spam calls.

Telo’s nuisance call detection feature differs from existing offerings by achieving the highest identification rate for nuisance calls while ensuring the lowest false-positive rate in the industry, providing the greatest protection to subscribers.  

“Nuisance call detection helps restore subscribers' trust in phone calls and fulfills Telo’s vision of delivering trusted communications solutions to all our customers,” said Chris Brunner, CEO, Telo. “With the onslaught of nuisance calls, most subscribers have simply chosen to not answer the phone, even if it’s from a legitimate caller. By better informing the called party before they answer the call, call recipients can make an educated decision when deciding whether or not to answer a call.”

With OpenCNAM, telephone carriers have been providing high-quality CNAM to their subscribers for years. Now, with Nuisance Call Detection, the default CNAM value for these problematic calls can be replaced with a “NUISANCE LIKELY” or similar response.

"We have worked for years, continuously improving our algorithm to ensure that telephone carriers receive the most accurate results,” said Jason Rudder, CTO, Telo, describing Nuisance Call Detection. "As the telecommunications industry moves toward providing greater protection for consumers, it is imperative that carriers are utilizing quality sources to prevent as many false positives as possible. By gathering, analyzing, and incorporating a wide variety of signals — like honeypots, call velocity, and user-reports — we are able to quickly and accurately differentiate nuisance from desired calls."

Over the next several months, Telo will be rolling Nuisance Call Detection out to hundreds of service providers nationwide. For current OpenCNAM customers, there is no need to change any hardware or software settings. With the flip of a switch, protection will be enabled.

Join Telo for a webinar on Tuesday, May 12, at 2 p.m. ET to learn more about offering Nuisance Call Detection to customers. Register now to save a seat.

About Telo

Telo is a leader in making trusted communications simple by providing advanced caller identification, nuisance detection, and CID verification services through OpenCNAM. In 2011, OpenCNAM became the first developer-friendly telephony data API. Subsequent version offerings included international coverage, authoritative Toll-Free names and Nuisance Call Detection. Telo also serves enterprise companies through EveryoneAPI, a reverse phone append service providing fraud mitigation, data enrichment, and identity verification solutions.

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