TeleSense ProEX Tele-Medicine Platform Reduces Emergency Room Wait Time by Treating Patients Remotely

​​​​​​​The TeleSense ProEX tele-medicine platform helps reduce emergency room wait time and exposure to COVID-19 by treating patients remotely. The TeleSense ProEX was designed with the capability to help healthcare professionals to make an accurate diagnosis complete with vital signs – setting it apart from other platforms as a true tele-medicine solution. 

The TeleSense hospital platform is not a mere video conferencing tool. It is, rather, a powerful solution that empowers health providers to diagnose patients through live video examinations by incorporating the following approved devices: Thermometer, Digital stethoscope, Glucometer, Dictation, ECG via Bluetooth, Spirometry, Ultrasound, Pulse Oximetry, Blood pressure.

TeleSense made it a priority to select only the highest-quality devices in order to facilitate an accurate diagnosis.

Health providers initiate a video conferencing call from the ProEX using the integrated address book or by sending an email from the device to invite the patient to the appointment. Live video or data from any of the examination modes can be transmitted through the VC link with all of the patient identifying data removed to comply with PIPEDA requirements.

Video conferencing technology was embedded into the ProEX, allowing health providers to easily connect with patients over the Internet. Connections can be made from the ProEX to any PC via Vidyo or to dedicated VC systems including Cisco, Polycom and SIP clients.

Crystal clear image quality is essential in making an accurate diagnosis. The HD-Base works with the interchangeable probes of the ProEX to create high-quality image resolution. The HD-Base unit docks onto the bottom of the ProEX, converting the two separate units into one integrated system.

The HD-Base can be connected to any monitor or display system with the DVI and SDI outputs. Health providers have the ability to securely record images against patient sessions or transmit the images through the integrated video conferencing software. 

TeleSense automatically synchronizes media and patient data between each of the ProEX units and the server to ensure the devices are continuously updated with the latest information. Users can hardwire network connectivity from the ProEX over WiFi.

The VF-Sync software incorporates technology with electronic medical record (EMR) integration capabilities. The server enables users to network multiple ProEX Telehealth Hubs to a central repository, thereby providing access to all media from any ProEX or PC connected to the same network.

The healthcare provider also has the option to consult directly with a medical specialist if necessary. TeleSense ProEX acts as the health provider’s eyes, hands and in-office medical instruments by utilizing video, medical devices, electronic health records and input from specialists. All of these elements add up to greatly improve the chances of making an accurate diagnosis without requiring the patient to step foot in the emergency room.

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