TeleMate Unveils Its Innovative Solution to Solving UC&C Visibility Challenges Created by Remote and Hybrid Workers

Vendor Neutral UC&C Monitoring, Analytics, and Reporting


TeleMate, the leading developer of vendor-neutral unified communications, collaboration and contact center monitoring, analytics and reporting solutions, will be unveiling its innovative approach to solving remote and hybrid workforce visibility challenges at the upcoming Enterprise Connect 2023 (March 27-30, Orlando, FL).  

"Given the host of research data suggesting a continuance in explosive growth of remote and hybrid workers combined with countless customer conversations, it became very clear to our team that there was an unfair gap and that gap would unquestionably get wider," Said Steve Tabaska, TeleMate's CEO.  

The unfair gap that Tabaska references is the information and visibility gap that exists between the office-based workforce using unified communications & collaboration technologies and the growing workforce that operate outside of corporate walls. "IT, UC and Telecom professionals are expected to deliver the same quality of experience to these remote users when the reality is, they do not have the right level of information and visibility. They are essentially working with blindfolds on … we are going to change that," said Tabaska.

TeleMate is scheduled to share its end-to-end approach that enables complete visibility from the underlying UC&C technology all the way down to the remote client level. The complete approach was built to make lives easier for those professionals responsible for proactively supporting such complex environments. TeleMate's innovations continue to enable automation, reliability and flexibility in a single vendor-neutral platform to ensure deep alignment with customers' monitoring, analytics and reporting needs. 

To learn more about TeleMate, visit our website and schedule a demo today. Or reach out to one of our valued partners (World Wide Technology, Presidio, Encore Technologies, GDT or Waterfield Technologies). Alternatively, you can visit TeleMate's booth 1106 at this year's Enterprise Connect.


TeleMate is a global leader in providing unified communications, collaboration and contact center monitoring, analytics and reporting platforms. As a recognized innovator in the space, TeleMate is the solution of choice for the Fortune 1000 and service providers. 

To learn more about TeleMate visit us at www.TeleMate.Net, or contact us at info@TeleMate.Net, or call us at 1-855-790-3369.

Source: TeleMate, LLC.