Teksbotics & UISEE Jointly Pilot Driverless Delivery Vehicles in Saudi Arabia

Teksbotics & UISEE jointly pilot new package delivery solutions using a self-driving vehicle at KAUST, Saudi Arabia. The project objective is to design and build a cost-effective autonomous delivery vehicle for the last mile delivery.

Teksbotics Autonomous Delivery Vehicle

Driverless delivery vehicle jointly built by Teksbotics (Asia) Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Teksbotics") and UISEE was recently launched and piloted in the community of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia, for "Last mile" autonomous delivery service.

The driverless delivery vehicle project aims to connect with local online e-commerce in Saudi Arabia and provide affordable and convenient autonomous delivery services. Residents in the local community can interact with the delivery vehicle through mobile phone text messages and the touch screen installed on the body of the vehicle to complete the express delivery service. In the future, the autonomous delivery vehicle will be extended to other cities and places.

This vehicle is based on Teksbotics UNO autonomous delivery vehicle specially designed for the Middle East market and UISEE's UiBox smart city autonomous driving service solution. The vehicle can accurately detect people and objects while autonomously driving on open roads, and complete the full process of delivery service, ensuring the safe delivery of packages to their destinations.

As one of the world's leading and Hong Kong's largest autonomous driving solution providers, and also a strategic partner of UISEE's multiple driverless projects, Teksbotics aims to help customers automate transportation, distribution and patrolling. Teksbotics has rich experience in design, project operation and maintenance of autonomous driving solutions in the self-driving vehicle industry.

Since the Autonomous Driving Smart City Service Innovation Laboratory was established together with strategic partners in September last year, UISEE has cooperated with Teksbotics, YTO Express, ZTO Express, and SF Express to carry out a number of innovative projects within the country and abroad.

Teksbotics and UISEE jointly step into the world's autonomous on-demand delivery industry and strive to be world leaders in autonomous application solutions and "AI Driver", letting global customers experience the intelligence and convenience brought by the latest autonomous driving technology.

Berry Leung, Chief Executive Officer


Source: Teksbotics (Asia) Limited