Teesnap Continues Impressive Growth in 2018


Teesnap, the fastest-growing technology company in the golf industry, continues to shatter company goals in 2018 signing  262 courses since May. The courses span 34 states with focused growth in Florida, Texas, Alabama and Wisconsin.

Golf courses in more than half the country are now harnessing the power of the company’s cutting-edge technology platform. No matter the state, the weather, terrain or climate, Teesnap can help any golf course owner work smarter, not harder.

The secret to Teesnap’s astonishing growth? Enabling clients to leverage the power of data and analytics. Teesnap provides valuable insights that are helping golf courses increase profits and player returns.

“We are thrilled that our solutions are really transforming the way golf courses run their businesses,” said Bryan Lord, Teesnap’s CEO and Founder. “While we celebrate our tremendous growth this year, we are definitely not planning on sitting still. Our desire to keep developing innovations that benefit the golf industry is what sets us apart. We are constantly improving and tweaking our platform to ensure our clients are staying ahead of the curve.”

The company is looking forward to an exciting 2019, with more growth, more innovation, and more golf course success stories.

About Teesnap

Teesnap is a mobile, cloud-based ERP system focused on actionable data collection for business intelligence reporting. Teesnap’s platform provides for one single customer record across POS, reservation, CRM, member management, automated email marketing, and food & beverage, all reported through holistic dashboard reports. This enables clients to more accurately market to customer behavior to influence spending habits. Teesnap’s automated marketing solutions are based on real-time customer behavior touch points. Teesnap also provides Managed Marketing Services for more than 170 courses, helping them plan, create and execute digital marketing initiatives. For more information on Teesnap, please visit Teesnap.com


Mark Farrow, Director of Business Development


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Teesnap is a complete mobile cloud-based ERP system focused around actionable data collection for business intelligence reporting. We have one single customer record across POS, reservation, CRM, member management, email marketing, and F&B.