Teddy Party Launches AI-Powered Invitations and Gift Pool for Kids' Parties

Teddy Party gift pool

The official launch of Teddy Party by Toymint marks a new era in birthday celebrations, blending convenience with a commitment to sustainability and joy.

Offering seamless kids' party invitations for hosts and guests alike, the platform comes equipped with AI-powered personalization and the innovative Gift Pool feature, which encourages collective contributions towards one significant gift or goal.

Zoran Kovacevic, the founder and CEO of Teddy Party, states, "Our mission is to make party planning a breeze and the gift-giving experience more impactful. With Teddy Party, organizing a party is just seconds away, and guests can collectively give a gift that brings true happiness, avoiding waste and clutter."

In conjunction with its launch, Teddy Party introduces TeddyGPT, the AI Party Assistant capable of creating invites and providing user support, further easing the party planning process.

Reflecting on the app’s ethos, Zoran adds, "Sustainable celebrations are at the heart of what we do. The Gift Pool feature is our answer to traditional, often wasteful gift-giving, offering a memorable and eco-friendly alternative."

The launch is promoted in an engaging promo video, showcasing a cute teddy party story, available for viewing here.

For further details about Teddy Party or to arrange an interview with Zoran Kovacevic, please contact Mia Campari at media@toymint.co, or visit teddy.party.

About Teddy Party:

An app born from the innovative minds at Toymint, Teddy Party is on a quest to redefine celebrations. Teddy Party champions hassle-free, environmentally conscious, and joyful party experiences. Discover the future of celebrations at teddy.party. 

About TeddyGPT:

Part of Toymint's mission to create the most impactful teddy companion for future generations, TeddyGPT is the AI engine geared toward educating kids and providing guidance and support.

Source: Toymint