Technology Company Opens Windows for Blind and Visually Impaired Computer Users

A UK assistive technology company is the first to market with a magnifier and combined screen reader offering support for the newly released Windows 10 – the only one of its kind.

Dolphin Computer Access has been working tirelessly on developing SuperNova 15; delivering access to the latest version of Windows to those with a visual impairment within 5 weeks after the Microsoft release on 29th July.

Preceded by a free public beta which was released alongside Windows 10, Dolphin has welcomed feedback from the testing community and integrated it into the product which is available to purchase – either on CD or by download – from today.

Dan Hubbell, Microsoft Accessibility Team & ATIA Board President, said:

“Microsoft has been working closely with our assistive technology partners and we are pleased to see SuperNova 15 available in the marketplace so soon after the release of Windows 10. As the first magnifier available with speech for Windows 10, SuperNova provides people the ability to personalize their PC experience in a way that meets their individual needs.”

Dolphin has made some changes to the SuperNova Family, making it even easier for users to identify the best option for their individual needs. There are three editions, all of which offer crystal clear magnification, high contrast colour schemes and customisable mouse pointers – allowing the user to tailor their experience to their own visual requirements.

All 3 editions are compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and can be used on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

SuperNova Magnifier offers magnification up to 64 times with no loss of clarity even at the highest levels, with pan & adjust magnification on tablets and touchscreen laptops, with the touch of a finger.

SuperNova Magnifier & Speech has the added benefit of natural-sounding voices to speak web pages, apps, documents and emails, as well as reading aloud characters and words as the users types, boosting their confidence and productivity. With the independent OCR scan and read facility, paper documents and PDFs also become fully accessible.

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader is ideal for individuals whose sight is changing, or for organisations providing screen access to people with different sight levels. Offering the same OCR scan and read and natural voices as Magnifier & Speech, additions like the Dolphin Cursor and Item Finder to identify what’s on screen, and refreshable Braille make this product suitable for all.

As always, features are fully customisable, from magnification size to voice to speed – making any SuperNova Magnifier product all about the individual.

Those looking to purchase can enjoy a 35% discount when trading in ZoomText or other magnifier products, and existing SuperNova users will be eligible for an upgrade price. Our sales team can be contacted by calling 01905 754577 or via our website.

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