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A UK technology company has travelled to India to share their technology for blind and low vision people with a wider audience.

A UK technology company has travelled to India to share their technology for blind and low vision people with a wider audience.

Dolphin Computer Access develops software to enable blind and visually impaired computer users to access technology in the same way as fully sighted users, and celebrates their 30 year anniversary this year. Over that time they have built a global network of users; from visually impaired individuals accessing computers for education, employment and enjoyment, to organisations creating accessible documents in large print, braille and audio formats.

Techshare India, a conference organised and run by Indian accessibility organisation BarrierBreak brings worldwide assistive technology providers together to showcase their products and solutions. This year’s theme was "Towards Digital Inclusion". Dolphin Computer Access presented at the 2 day event in New Delhi; around Windows 10 accessibility for blind and low vision people, and EasyConverter which creates alternative format documents in 3 easy steps.

As well as the Techshare India exhibition, Dolphin sales director Steve Bennett visited the Sabita and Saradindu Basu Centre for Blind Women in New Delhi. The centre provides education, support and counselling and is open to women of all ages who have been born blind or lost their sight in later life. It helps them to deal with the practical and social side of sight loss, as well as training in subjects such as technology, personal development and life skills. The centre aims to educate and empower its members to the point they can leave the school and get jobs.

Steve spoke to the centre members about the technology that is available to help them achieve their employment dreams, and demonstrated Dolphin products which they can use to magnify screen content to a size they can view comfortably, as well as a speech function which reads screen content, including typed input, aloud. Through this technology, blind and visually impaired users can access emails, browse the internet and read books online.

The women at the centre were very enthusiastic and loved getting the chance to try the product first hand; realising the difference this could make to their futures.

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