Techforce Explains How the Australian Mining Industry Can Tackle Its Significant Recruitment Challenges

With a high volume of resource projects currently under development, the fast-moving industry is facing a major challenge to find skilled and flexible workers.

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According to Techforce, a national privately owned recruitment and workforce management company experienced in supplying qualified employees to a range of occupations, including rigger jobs and mining chef jobs, across Australia and New Zealand, the COVID-19 pandemic created intense global supply chain issues for the mining industry, including a massive shortage of skilled workers. 

In Australia, the mining sector was responsible for 10.4% of total GDP between 2019 and 2020, reports the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which is more than any other sector. The Minerals Council noted in July 2021 that over 250,000 people were directly employed in the industry, plus more than 600,000 people work in support industries. 

With the industry showing no signs of slowing down, Techforce says it is facing significant recruitment challenges. Mining companies are being forced to consider alternative ways to find suitable candidates, including taking on workers with no previous experience. Techforce explains that employers are now looking for people that have professional experience in similar industries with transferable skills. 

Recruiting and retaining the right people is critical to any business' success, and Techforce says the most important thing for companies is to have people onboard who share the same vision and goals. Those with outside experience can bring new ideas to the table that will help organisations bolster their operations. Training can be provided on the job for the right candidates. 

As the industry battles against skilled labour shortages, environmental concerns are also deterring younger generations, says Techforce. With environmental stability a major global focus, the sector is struggling to shake its reputation as being averse to change, despite doing everything it can to improve its environmental and social performance.

Attracting new people to the industry is important, and Techforce says there should be a focus on educating the marketplace about opportunities for individuals to grow their careers and innovate while having a positive impact on the industry as it moves to become more environmentally responsible.

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Source: Techforce