Tech Startup Notaroo Brings Advanced Mobile Notary Scheduling to Reverse Mortgage Market

New platform brings transparency and efficiency to the loan closing process

Notaroo, Inc.

​​Tech startup Notaroo has launched its mobile notary scheduling platform, designed to provide reverse mortgage companies with greater oversight and control in the loan closing process.

Using a combination of its cutting-edge technology, up-to-date mortgage lending practices and professional mobile notaries, Notaroo promises to revolutionize HECM loan closings by bringing speed, efficiency and transparency to the process.

“As a previous originator and manager of multiple lending platforms, I experienced first hand the chaos inherent in the notary process, leaving me and my colleagues feeling out of control. There was, and still is, limited transparency, communication and consistency between the notary, escrow and the lender,” explains Notaroo Founder and CEO Todd Ausherman.

“We literally put the success or failure of the loan closing in the hands of a mobile notary. If something went wrong, there was no consistent solution in place to create a more efficient process and a better borrower experience,” Ausherman continued. “I remember thinking at the time, there has got to be a better way.” 

Ausherman said from that frustration, Notaroo was borne.

The platform works by integrating its technology with reverse mortgage lenders, title companies and escrow companies’ specific preferences and requirements to make a more efficient and predictable experience for borrowers by keeping the key parties in a loan closing informed and involved. When it comes to reverse mortgage transactions, where family members and advising third parties are sometimes involved, it is especially important to keep all parties informed throughout the loan’s closing.

One essential difference between Notaroo and other scheduling software companies is that Notaroo focuses specifically on the particular needs of reverse mortgage companies and is fully versed in the regulations guiding these loan transactions.

And importantly, Notaroo does not require separate logins or dual entry of borrowers’ information like other mobile platforms. “Layered integration is everything,” explains Ausherman.

Notaroo users do not assume any extra work by incorporating this platform. During onboarding, Notaroo adapts its technology to its client’s current processes and procedures. The result is more control and oversight of the closing process, without adding any additional layers or complexity.

About Notaroo

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Notaroo is a tech-focused company that aims to create a consistent and predictable loan closing experience by seamlessly incorporating a vetted and experienced mobile notary into its clients’ existing closing process. Notaroo is committed to ending the current, widely used system of arbitrary deployment of mobile notaries to borrower homes. The goal is to save mortgage lenders tens of thousands of dollars each month, while also providing a superior closing experience to their borrowers. For more information, visit

Source: Notaroo, Inc.