Tech Company Offsets Amtrak Commuter Crisis With Remote Solutions

GEM Technologies is Helping Companies and Employees Stay Productive Despite Unreliable Transportation In and Out of the City

Summer construction on Amtrak is making it difficult for commuters traveling through Penn Station to get to work. The transportation hub, which was already under fire for chronic delays and cancellations, is exceeding commuter patience. GEM Technologies, an NYC-based managed IT service provider (MSP), says commuters can avoid the hassle and regain productivity time with work-from-home solutions.

Station regulars are referring to the crisis as the Penn Station "Summer of Hell," as tensions rise and commuters whose jobs don't offer remote working are struggling to get to work every day. Even in this extreme situation, employers are reluctant to implement flexible, work-from-home arrangements, citing security concerns as the main reason. 

According to Howard Mansbach, of GEM Technologies, "Both employees and managers are losing out in this commuting nightmare. We understand the value of having employees in the office but when people are fighting to get on trains, employers need to put safety first and make adjustments."

GEM Technologies specializes in technology services for businesses in various industries — like their Desktop as a Service solution powered by Citrix virtualization technologies that enables employees to access their work files anytime, from any device. They want companies to know they have options:

  • Installing a VPN
  • Skype meetings to keep everyone connected and up-to-speed
  • Cloud applications that allow employees to collaborate on projects from any device

Establishing work-from-home parameters, even outside of the Amtrak crisis, is a smart move for companies. The extent to which they're used is up to executives, but planning ahead for these types of situations is just good for business.

"You never know what's going to happen, especially in a city like New York," said Mansbach. "Today the problem is Amtrak construction but winter is coming — you don't want to put your business in a situation where all productivity halts because extreme weather makes it impossible for employees to get to the office."



About GEM Technologies

Headquartered in the heart of Manhattan, GEM Technologies is a full-service provider of IT solutions to enterprise and SMB organizations in New York City and beyond. Our broad range of industry expertise, strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors, dedication to delivering personalized service, and highly experienced, certified IT professionals make GEM Technologies uniquely qualified to be your partner for comprehensive, high-value solutions that deliver real business impact. To learn more, visit them online or call 212-582-2800.



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