TEAMSABLE POS® Collaborates With ID TECH® to Deliver EMV Compliant Point of Sale Terminals to Resellers

Team Research, Inc. (dba TEAMSable POS), a premier manufacturer of innovative Point of Sale (POS) hardware products, announces its channel collaboration with International Technologies and Systems Corporation, (dba ID TECH) a world-recognized leader in the design and manufacture of secure payment solutions, to bring seamless Chip Card (EMV) integrated card processing solutions to TEAMSable branded POS terminals.

The new TEAMSable integrated EMV card processing solutions are powered by ID TECH’s advanced Mini Smart II reader technology and are now available with TEAMSable’s latest generation of innovative Windows and Android POS terminals. This allows POS channel resellers the ability to offer merchants modern POS terminals with forward-thinking payment processing options while still offering backwards compatibility for legacy requirements with reduced merchant liability for fraudulent charges.

“We are very excited to work with an EMV payments industry technology leader such as ID TECH,” said Michael Hsieh, COO of TEAMSable POS Division. “Together, we can provide industry resellers, software vendors and merchants alike with advanced EMV options fully integrated with our next generation point of sale terminals.”

The incorporation of ID TECH’s MiniSmart II into TEAMSable’s card processing solutions makes a merchants life easier as they are able to take advantage of the pre-certified payment paths already associated with the MiniSmart II. “We are proud to be the payments product partner for TEAMSable and helping them provide their customers with a pre-certified and proven payment path,” said Justin Ning, Vice President of Product Management/Marketing for ID TECH. 

Source: TEAMSable POS

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