EMV Ready Android Retail and QSR POS System

TEAMSable POS Collaborates with Pathway POS to Deliver its Android Point-of-Sale Solutions to IT Resellers

TEAMSable POS, a premier manufacturer of innovative Android Point of Sale (POS) hardware products, announces its partnership agreement with Pathway POS a leading Android software developer and VAR of IT products and services, which offers solutions for seamless store and restaurant management systems, from hardware, software, services and support before and after the sale.

TEAMSable POS hardware products include advanced POS All-in-One touchscreen computers, thermal printers, displays, cash drawers, tablets, and other essential POS peripherals. TEAMSable POS products come with a three year warranty and a complementary rapid replacement program valid for 60 days after the date of purchase. 

PathwayPOS delivers exceptional productivity and efficiency through its Android Cloud based top of the line POS software solution. Features include: Real Time Reporting, Projections, Inventory, Time Management and seamless integration with the latest EMV credit card processing technology. PathwayPOS in partnership with TEAMSable POS is the perfect Point of Sale solution, true plug and play, cost effective, secure and efficient for any retail or quick service environment.

“We are pleased to work with a dynamic POS software developer like PathwayPOS”, said Mr. Michael Hsieh from TEAMSable POS, “Together, we are able to provide VARs with Android POS hardware and software choices of superior quality and value.Furthermore, we are excited to work with Pathway POS,because of their expertise aroundAndroid POS Software solutions and outstandingreseller support and services. 

To learn more about TEAMSable POS products and how to purchase them through Pathway POS, please visit www.pathwaypos.com

About TEAMSable POS 

TEAMSable POS is a division of Team Research, Inc, headquartered in San Jose, California. TEAMSable POS has manufactured and supplied high quality POS hardware solutions in North America since 2006. TEAMSable’s POS product line includes Android and Windows POS All-in-One Touchscreen computers and other core peripheral products such as printers and displays.

Visit www.teamsable.com for additional company and product information. 

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