"Taxi Cab Hailer": A Communication Tool for Use by Consumers Needing a Ride

Invents introduces the "Taxi Cab Hailer" which is the perfect signal device to alert cabbies you need a ride.

​Anyone living or working in a big city will understand the difficulty an individual can have trying to hail a cab. It was for just that reason the Taxi Cab Hailer came into being. It is a portable, handheld beacon that serves as a communication tool for use by consumers needing a ride. The design intent is to provide these consumers with a simple, effective and expedient means of hailing a taxi cab.  It allows the user to signal a taxi via this easily seen signage on flat, rectangular, durable, plastic material unit measuring 6”L x 3”W.  Emblazoned on one side of the “hailer” is a bright, fold yellow background printed with the word TAXI.

The Taxi Cab Hailer is simple and straightforward to utilize. The user simply tucks the compact sleeve in to a purse, briefcase or backpack or even onto a keychain and ready access to the alert is immediately available as an individual gets out onto the street. The Taxi Cab Hailer is as conspicuous of a signal as needed to attract the attention of drivers passing cabs.ailerHail Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Taxi Cab Hailer.
The Patent Pending Taxi Cab Hailer was invented by Gerard Barnes of Brooklyn, NY who said, “Desperate pedestrians looking to find a ride home will quickly see the benefit of the Taxi Cab Hailer.  It eliminates the need to step out into the street (creating potentially dangerous movements) to yell and wave arms in order to call attention to the need for a cab. Believe me, it works!”

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