Tashi: True Serverless Gaming is Here

Faster, Cheaper, Fairer

Tashi, an innovative company developing proprietary technology has emerged from stealth mode to introduce a truly serverless, leaderless P2P multiplayer game backend. Tashi (www.tashi.gg) is demonstrating how distributed ledger technology can be used to dramatically reduce server costs and completely eliminate certain categories of cheating in real-time multiplayer gaming. Tashi's pioneering consensus engine ("TCE") revolutionizes the game backend, shifting from a centralized to a distributed architecture where every player acts as a server, thereby distributing the computation and storage of the game state across the network. What truly sets Tashi apart is that it offers the security of a dedicated game server, the cost and infrastructure simplicity of a P2P server, and fairness that neither provides.

TCE boasts unmatched performance and security, surpassing existing consensus mechanisms, achieving over 1 million game event and state change messages per second with a finality latency as low as 100ms. This makes TCE an ideal choice for most multiplayer game genres, enabling every player to become a server while maintaining game state synchronization through mathematical consensus. This disruptive technology delivers on its promise of being faster, cheaper, and fairer.

To simplify game development and migration, Tashi's engineers have created the Unity Tashi Network Transport ("Unity TNT"), a network transport plugin for the Unity game engine. This seamless plugin empowers developers to build and transition multiplayer games effortlessly to Tashi's backend. Tashi's Unity TNT product is open-review and available for testing on Tashi's developer website, www.tashi.dev.

Tashi, headquartered in Singapore and the US, is strategically partnering with leading global game development studios. In July 2023, Tashi will launch the Tashi Investment Program ("TIP") in partnership with BridgePort Capital and other partner funds, catering to both Web2 and Web3 game developers seeking investment. The company will showcase its revolutionary technology at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, in August 2023. In addition to presenting the Tashi Consensus Engine, the team will demonstrate the deployment of a highly popular global game title.

"Tashi is at the forefront of transforming Web2 multiplayer gaming with our cutting-edge technology," said Sandeep Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of Tashi. "With our impressive throughput and latency metrics, we are poised to introduce a range of new game types to blockchain protocols. Our technology will play a significant role in the emerging concept of 'Gaming as an Asset.' Stay tuned!"

To learn more about Tashi and its decentralized multiplayer game backend solution, please visit www.tashi.gg.

Source: Tashi