Fellaz Releases 2023 Milestones, Unveils Roadmap for Building a Thriving Web3 Entertainment Ecosystem

Fellaz, a pioneering company in the realm of metaverse entertainment, shares its comprehensive roadmap, outlining key milestones for the remainder of this year. This roadmap reflects Fellaz's commitment to revolutionizing the entertainment industry and creating a globally dominating ecosystem for Web3 entertainment.

One of the major highlights of the roadmap is the initiation of the virtual idol project, set to take place in Q3 of 2023. Fellaz aims to recruit a talented performer through a global audition process and collaborate with renowned talent agencies and production companies to establish an in-house training program. This meticulous production setup will finalize the character design, storyline, and visual aesthetics in collaboration with the performer representing the virtual idol. Additionally, Fellaz will ensure the integration of cutting-edge facilities and software infrastructure to merge virtual idols with live performers seamlessly.

Simultaneously, Fellaz is set to establish its treasury program during Q3 of 2023. The company will work alongside industry partners to lay the groundwork for the program's development and establish strategic alliances. Through extensive research and analysis, Fellaz will define investment strategies and criteria that align with the Web3 entertainment space.

In Q4 of 2023, Fellaz will mark a significant milestone by launching the virtual idol's album and debuting as a live streamer. This exciting launch will showcase the artist's exceptional abilities and engage with a broad audience, inviting valuable feedback for future improvements. Moreover, Fellaz will execute the first grant from its treasury program, providing crucial support to selected projects that align with the company's vision and foster innovation within the ecosystem.



Virtual idol development and global recruitment of the performers

  • Conduct a global audition to recruit a talented performer for the first virtual idol prototype, ensuring a strong foundation for the project.
  • Collaborate with renowned talent agencies and production companies to establish an in-house training program, nurturing the skills and abilities of the chosen performer and preparing them for the virtual artist role.
  • Finalize the character design, storyline, visual aesthetics, and the required facilities and software infrastructure, such as a 3D motion capture solution, to support the seamless integration of virtual idols and live performers.

Treasury program establishment and strategy formulation

  • Formulate the structure and framework of the treasury program, establishing guidelines and protocols for its operation.
  • Forge partnerships with industry stakeholders to lay the foundation for the treasury program's development.
  • Conduct extensive research and analysis to define investment strategies and criteria that align with the Web3 entertainment space.


Prototype Launch: Album and virtual live-streaming service debut

  • Launch the first song and, subsequently, the album of the virtual idol, showcasing her abilities and engaging with the audience to gather feedback for further improvements.
  • Debut as a virtual live streamer in multiple mainstream platforms to secure a wide spectrum of potential fans.
  • Prototype the construction of a captivating virtual artist persona, blending real-time interactions and scripted storytelling behind the scenes by initiating a digital presence via opening official social media accounts.

Execution of the first grant from the treasury program

  • Launch the fully operational treasury program, allocating resources to support innovative initiatives and accelerate the ecosystem's growth.
  • Identify and evaluate potential projects for investment, considering their alignment with the ecosystem's vision, viability, and potential for impact.
  • Execute the first grant or investment to support a selected project, providing financial backing and resources to foster its development and success.

About Fellaz

Fellaz is a Singapore-based Web3 entertainment ecosystem that revolutionizes content creation and fan engagement. By leveraging the metaverse and Web3 technologies, Fellaz empowers artists and fans to shape the future of entertainment. Through its treasury program for innovative Web3 projects, NFT-based membership, decentralized governance, and strategic global partnerships, Fellaz pioneers an interactive and inclusive entertainment landscape beyond traditional boundaries.

Website: https://fellaz.io Twitter: https://twitter.com/fellazxyz

Disclaimer: The milestones outlined in this roadmap represent our projected goals for developing our entertainment ecosystem. While we believe they are realistic and within reach, they are subject to change based on market conditions and unforeseen circumstances. We are committed to transparency and will communicate any significant updates or adjustments to the roadmap as they occur. Our team remains dedicated to delivering a high-quality ecosystem and appreciates your understanding and support as we navigate this dynamic industry. Please note that the yearlong roadmap and specific milestones for 2024 will be announced in early January.

Source: Fellaz